Tahiti is one of the most-visited islands out of the 118 islands in French Polynesia. Should you add travel to Tahiti to your bucket list this year? 

There’s a reason why so many tourists from all over the world choose to visit Tahiti — actually, there are many reasons. This unique island offers an experience that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world. 

But what exactly makes visiting Tahiti so interesting and unique? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons to book a vacation to Tahiti for your next trip.

The Interesting Mix of Cuisine

Cuisine Experiences

On Tahiti, you can try traditional Tahitian dishes, many of which prominently feature seafood. However, you’ll also find world-class French cuisine on these islands, giving you a range of options so you’ll never get bored with dining.

The Wide Range of Landscapes

When it comes to nature, Tahiti offers a little bit of something for everyone.

Of course, the island is famous for its beach and aquatic activities. You can lounge on the beach, or get closer in a boat. But the island also offers beautiful landscapes when you go further inland.

The cliffs and mountains of Tahiti make for some incredibly breathtaking views. Some of these peaks seem to leap right out of the ocean, making for dramatic contrast. 

The Beautiful Souvenirs

Insurance Tips for Frequent Domestic and International Travelers

When you travel, you probably hope to bring home some small token of your trip. However, some vacation destinations offer cheap throwaways, not genuine keepsakes. 

On travel to Tahiti, though, you can get one of the most beautiful souvenirs of all: a black pearl. Tahiti’s unique, dark pearls are hard to find anywhere else in the world. But on Tahiti, you can find black pearls and black pearl jewelry at many different price points, so you can take home a bit of the island with you.

The Island-Hopping Potential

While you can easily plan your whole vacation without leaving the island of Tahiti, the nearby island chains also offer great island-hopping possibilities. 

Boats and short flights can take you all over French Polynesia. When you travel by ferry, you’ll also get the chance for a whole new perspective on this beautiful island chain. 

The Natural Wildlife

of The Best Places to Capture Wildlife Photographs in the World

If you love wild animals, Tahiti is a great place to get up close and personal with the wildlife — especially marine life.

You can swim with aquatic life, including harmless sharks and much more. You can take a whale-watching tour or snorkel through a coral reef. The Big Day suggests booking your trip between June and August when the water offers the best visibility. 

And, if you prefer land animals, you can see even more biodiversity in the island’s incredible jungles. 

Is It Time for You to Travel to Tahiti?

If these perks sound appealing, it’s time to put “travel to Tahiti” on your calendar. This island makes the perfect getaway during the slow summer months at home. 

And, since Tahiti is so popular among tourists, it’s easy to book your trip, with plenty of travel and accommodation options to choose from. 

However, when it comes to booking vacations, it’s hard to stop at just one. For more great travel ideas, come back to our Travel & Entertainment section often!

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