Did you know that only around 29% of American adults get the recommended amount of vigorous exercise each week?

With excuses ranging from fatigue to limited time, it’s clear that people are struggling to stay healthy. But if you’re not reaching your long-term goals for better health, there are ways to make progress.

Read on to learn how accountability partners can help you realize your fitness goals!

Pursue Goal Setting Together

Goal Setting

Only 8% of people who set New Year’s goals actually achieve them. If that stat gets you down, know that there is power in numbers when it comes to goal setting. When you band together with like-minded people, you stand a better chance of success.

An accountability partner will walk beside you in your quest to tone up your core or master the erg that’s gathering dust in your basement. Work with your accountability partner to map out attainable goals that will set the bar higher each week.

Aim to increase your minutes on the recumbent bike gradually over a week or increase mileage on the treadmill. Most importantly, write down these goals and share them with your partner.

Experience a Positive Environment

If your motivation levels are sagging, an accountability group offers the kind of positivity that can spur you to greatness. You’ll have supportive partners who won’t belittle you if you have an off day.

What if you can’t run that last half mile? Your accountability partner will help you refocus so you can do it next time. And they’ll remind you why you committed to your fitness goals in the first place.

Offer Support Regardless of Location


One of the key benefits of having an accountability partner is that it’s not dependent on location. In other words, you can be in Seattle and your accountability partner can be in Chicago. You just need to commit to scheduled interactions and set weekly or even daily goals.

For instance, jensgetfitgroup.com offers a supportive online community. You can follow a workout on your timetable using minimal equipment. And then you can access your accountability partner whenever you need support!

Get Constant Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of working toward long-term goals. And when you’re chugging away toward weight loss or fitness goals, you may need to reroute at times.

An accountability partner can assess your weekly fitness routine and spot areas for improvement. For example, you may need to mix in more weight training and circuit training to enhance your fast-twitch muscles.

Or maybe your form is incorrect. If you want to improve stamina through yoga, you’ll need to perfect your revolved triangle pose. An accountability partner can spot a bent knee or wobbly torso.

Find the Best Accountability Partners

Best Accountability Partners

With reliable accountability partners, you can meet your goal to become more toned or faster. You’ll gain the ideal blend of encouragement and honest feedback as you march toward your goals. And best of all, you can find a partner anywhere regardless of where you live.

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