Pay per click advertising can be scary. You want to maximize the traffic and conversions with the least amount of payment. How can someone in the travel business who is unfamiliar with the process expect to create an effective PPC strategy?

The best pay per click advertising comes from people who aren’t afraid to learn and adapt. We’ll show you three methods to help grow your audience and build a stellar PPC campaign.

You don’t need to digital marketing master to turn your travel company’s pay per click program into a money maker. You just need to be willing to learn and follow these steps.

1. Research Keywords for the Best Pay Per Click Advertising

If there is a single piece of advice to make your travel PPC marketing strategies work, it’s keyword research. Travel is a competitive market and there are many PPC fish in the ocean vying for popular keywords.

Keyword research helps you choose the best keywords to bid on. You’ll know general keywords, but they’ll be expensive and highly competitive. Research allows you to find long tail keywords that have good search volume, but competition.

You also can negative match keywords that you don’t want to bid on. For example, if you’re selling Walt Disney World vacations, you might want to negative match Walt Disney so you’re not paying for people looking up information on the new Mary Poppins movie.

You need good keywords because when someone is looking for something an item online, many folks choose to click on a Google ad.

2. Choose One Ad Platform to Start

There are many PPC platforms out there including Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and the most famous, Google Ads (formerly AdWords.) Don’t try and do everything at once. You’ll be overwhelmed.

Start with Google Ads, it’s the most robust and comes equipped with extensive analytics. Once you’ve become well versed and understand pay per click strategy, then move onto to another platform.

Starting with one lets you work at your own pace and doesn’t have you looking at too many things all at once. It can be difficult to manage your Google ads and check how your Bing ads are doing. You’ll get frustrated and either quit PPC or lose money because you can’t concentrate on maximizing your bids.

Stick with one and put all your time, money and energy into it. Set goals and develop your strategy before implementing it on other platforms.

3. Improve Your Quality Score

The Google search algorithm takes more than a hundred factors into account before ranking websites on the search page. While Google Ads doesn’t use that, it does have a quality score to determine the frequency of your ad placement.

PPC marketing is about connecting with your customers using an ad. The better the ad means the better the quality score.

The quality score scale goes from 1 to 10. It takes into account the expected click-through rate (CTR), quality of the landing page and the ad relevance to the searcher.

The higher the quality score the more chance the searcher had to see the ad. A high-quality score also means you may be able to secure a better spot with less of a bid.

PPC is a Viable Marketing Option

PPC may be difficult to learn and understand, but it’s a popular marketing option. The best pay per click advertising are well researched and have a great quality score. Google wants you to succeed, so follow these steps to success.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing, then check out this article.

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