Thinking about handing in your change to the bank? You may want to these rare coins to look for those pennies first. 

In the event you have some rare coins, you could be entitled to a nice pay-out.

While they are getting harder and harder to come across each year, plenty of old coins are still floating around, many of them worth thousands.

Keep reading to know some wired facts about money.

Some Rare Coins to Look for Different Reason

Their high value is for a range of different reasons.

Some are World War II era coins made from rare metals, while some are double printed pennies.

Their eye-watering value is guaranteed to make sure you keep track of every old rare coins to look for you’ve come across.

Either way, you can miss them if you aren’t careful.

Below we’ve listed some of the things you can do to stay on top of your old rare coins to look for , and some things you should look out for.

Interesting Details About Valuable and Rare Coins

Finding special coins among your regular pocket change can be very fun and very profitable.

Add to the fact that it’s pretty simple, and there’s no reason to not check your rare coins to look for regularly.

You can start by developing coin checking habits every once in a while – this can help you to find rare coins to look for fallen out of circulation.

Who knows, you may find a coveted rare coins to look for that is just waiting for discovery.

How to Sift Through Your Pocket Change?

Taking an organized approach to pocket change will help these rare coins to look for very quickly with minimal fuss. As you do it more and more, you’ll become noticeably faster.

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However, it can be difficult to work out how rare these are just by looking at the coin itself. Commemoration of a special event or a rare battalion can hike up the price.

Sort Coins by Value Denomination

Look through your coins in batches. For example, check all of your pennies, and then take a look through the nickels and dimes.

Over time, you’ll get used to recognizing each type after only having looked through the first few rare coins to look for.

You’ll become more accustomed to noticing differences between coins when you look for them in groups.

Also, don’t get caught up with the small things – if you are doubting the rarity of a coin, then it’s probably not worth your time.

Supreme Collectors Items – Military Coins

Another thing to be aware of is that military challenge coins are valuable as collector’s items.

Visit your local flea market or military show, you’ll more than likely come across a few display cases filled with challenge coins.

Their value comes from the storied history behind them and missions they’ve been a part of. You can visit this website to learn more.

Having said that, they are very easy to produce, so much so that many offices make enough to give to each member.

These challenge coins can be made of solid gold, zinc or brass.

The Four Rarest and Most Valuable Coins

Below are some of the most coveted, valuable coins in existence.

If you find yourself in possession of one of them, then you can expect to come into a life-changing sum of money!

1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle ($7.59 Million)

This coin is one of the rarest on the planet and one of the only entries that has never seen regular circulation.

In 1933, the U.S. was going through the great depression. President Roosevelt, in trying to stem the bank crisis of the thirties, created a strict executive order.

This order halted the gold standard of coins and made possession of coins made from gold (as well as bullion) illegal for public possession.

1943 Copper Penny ($60,000 to $200,000)

Only 40 of these copper pennies were ever made. Known as the 1943 copper wheat penny, it is one of the rarest coins in the Lincoln Centre series.

The reason there are only 40 of these coins is that there was an error made during the switchover from copper to steel blanks.

This was discovered after World War II, but officially only 12 had listings.

There are also plenty of copper wheat fakes circulating. These counterfeits were created in a number of ways, including changing the date on the coins, or coating steel coins in copper.

Using a magnet is an easy way to tell whether your rare coins to look for is the real article.

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel ($3.7 Million)

Only five of these coins were created – in fact, they were made illegally without the permission of the US mint. 

Two of these coins are in a private collection, while the rest reside within museums.

The Liberty Head Nickel is one of the most coveted coins in existence and has broken many records in the past.

In fact, it was the first coin that broke the $1 million barriers back in 1996 and was also auctioned off in 2010 for over three million to an anonymous buyer.

1870-S Silver Dollar ($1 Million)

This coin, in particular, is special because it’s not listed on any mint reports in the United States. It was struck 1870 in San Francisco, just after the mint itself came into existence.

The dies used for these coins lacked the required Philadelphia mint marks, meaning that they had to take them back. Only 12 of these coins exist, with one of them selling for over $1 million at a 2003 auction.

Other Noteworthy Coins

Below are some more rare coins that may pique your interest if you find them!

Early Eagles Capped Bust Right, Small Eagle (1795-1797)

$5,000.00 – $15,000.00

Early Quarter Eagles Capped Bust Facing Left (1808)


Bust Dollars Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Reverse (1804)


This is by no means an exhaustive list – there are many more variants of valuable coins waiting to be discovered!

Making Money From Rare and Valuable Coins

So how much do you think your rare coins to look for worth?

We know many of you are looking to find the value of any rare coins you have. Hopefully, our guide has given you some insight into what coins are worth your time.

Being observant with your coins is the key to banking big and also money.

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