The Gainesville Sun is reporting this morning that Terry Jones, the leader of a Gainesville hate group that had announced plans to publicly burn the Quran tomorrow, is sticking by his decision to suspend the event. Jones announced the cancellation of the event yesterday after he says the imam of the proposed Park51 community center โ€” dubbed by those opposed to the project the โ€œGround Zero mosqueโ€ โ€” agreed to hold a meeting with him, a meeting the imam then denied granting him.

Meanwhile, violent protests broke out in Afghanistan over the planned book-burning. The New York Times reports:

In western Afghanistan, one civilian was killed and three were wounded by gunshots at a protest outside aย NATOย base in Bala Buluk, according to a hospital official there.

In northern Afghanistan, five Afghan protesters were wounded by gunshots, three of them critically, when hundreds of men tried to force their way onto a NATO reconstruction base in Faizabad, the capital of Badakshan Province, Afghan officials said.

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