An alarming number of people are addicted to drugs and alcohol in the United States. In fact, some estimates have put the numberĀ near a staggering 23 million.

And the addiction treatment industry is now worth around $35 billion.

There are plenty of facilities that are putting that money to use. Luxury rehab centers are a popular way to kick drugs or alcohol and improveĀ personal health.

Anyone looking for luxury rehabs needs to search no longer. We’ve pinned down 10 luxury rehab centers where individualsĀ are recovering in comfort.

The Makeup of Luxury Rehab

There has been a sharpĀ rise of opioid abuse in the United States. And high-quality rehab centers are popping up more and more.

WhatĀ makes these luxury alcohol treatment and drug rehab spaces so special?

Luxury programs might focus onĀ treatingĀ groups at high risk of addiction, like former athletes or veterans (read more here).

And there are more and more treatment centers focusing on luxury stays. They feature things like private rooms, pristine locations, professional cuisine, and premium recreation.

Here are the top 10 luxury rehabs to recover in.

1) Sober College, Woodland Hills, California

This beautiful facility stretches across Woodland Hills. It combines luxury rehab and treatment for drugs and alcohol with on-site learning.

The facility is for young adults and includes access to accredited college coursework.

Its massive therapeutic learning center houses professional art studios andĀ top-rated yoga facilities. The recovery campus also has resources for recreational learning. It features things like surfing, hiking, and rock-climbing.

2) Passages, Malibu, California

When it comes to breathtaking luxury alcohol treatment and drug recovery, it’s hard to beat this ocean-front facility.

It overlooks the Pacific and stretches across 10 acres of serene landscape. Patients receive treatment in a $15 million mansion and can enjoy a pool and tennis courts.

And this center provides personalized treatment programs for individuals. People can recover through different methods. Some treatments include hypnotherapy, adventure therapy, psychotherapy, and sessions based on physical activities.

3) Futures of the Palm Beaches, Tequesta, Florida

The Futures of the Palm Beaches is on a beautifully kept, nine-acre campus. It features a gated community built for comfort, safety, and recovery. It also specializes in individual care.

The facility has on-site therapy. And it uses fitness programs and programs designed to encourage ongoing self-care.

The luxury rehab also includes frequent recovery sessions and 24-hour nursing care.

4) The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Byron Bay, Australia

This luxury rehab center lets visitors recover while staying in a beachfront bungalow.

Treatment taps into the surrounding beauty, using a naturopathic luxury alcohol treatment program. It provides a personal fitness trainer for individuals seeking overall wellness.

And visitors also have access to a personal chef and a chauffeured limo.

5) Sober Living by the Sea, Newport Beach, California

True to its name, this luxury rehab center lets patients enjoy the sea as they grow. It offers tons of recreational opportunities and a beautiful slice of the Pacific.

Sober Living by the Sea combines treatment with intense physical activities as well as outdoor events.

Patients have access to both community and individual activities that emphasize personal wellness. Some common recreational events include volleyball, surfing, and hiking.

6) Destination Hope, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Destination Hope is a family-focused luxury rehab facility situated right on the Atlantic Ocean. It has a built-in community recovery program. And patients can recover while building relationships.

It has stunning beachside views and caters to both men and women. Patients can use a beautiful sun-bathing lounge area. And they can swim in a pool within the property’s complex.

There are tennis courts as well as kitchen areas designed to promote life skill building. The facilityĀ encourages cooperation within a community atmosphere.

And visitors can take personalized recovery sessions from a masters-level therapist.

PlusĀ it offers professional programs for both mental health and substance abuse.

7) The Dunes East Hampton, East Hampton, New York

The Dunes taps intoĀ a beautiful natural setting. And it incorporates the environment into treatment. It focuses on holistic programs meant to boost overall wellness.

Some of the addiction recovery options are Shiatsu massage therapy and nature-focused walks.

There’s also auricular acupuncture, fine seaside dining, and a range of therapy sessions.

8) AToN Center, San Diego, California

The Aid to Navigation (AToN) Center is nestled in a beautiful complex that lets patients take advantage of both the mountains and ocean.

Visitors can explore a thick garden or relax in the fully-equipped pool, sauna, and spa. The center has a volleyball court enclosed in glass, an outdoor shower, a fire pit, and fresh, organic meals.

And the center provides several different treatment options. In addition to having a 12-step program, theĀ team also works through cognitive-behavioral therapy.

9) Betty Ford Center, Rancho Mirage, California

The Rancho Mirage Betty Ford Center taps into more than 30 years as a premier recovery spot. And it’s one of the best-known luxury rehab centers out there.

It’s situated on a vast, 20-acre plot with views of the surrounding mountains and desert.

Guests swim in an outdoor swimming pool. They can access a workout center stocked with personal trainers.

And visitors also can take advantage of a full team ofĀ treatment professionals. Staff resources run across the board. They have medical pros, psychologists, spiritual counselors, dietitians, and individual case managers.

10) Cottonwood Tucson,Ā Tucson, Arizona

This desert gem letsĀ patients work through luxury rehab while being active.

Patients can use a state-of-the-art weight room and large swimming pool. And there are facilities for organized sports like basketball and volleyball.

Meals are created by an award-winning professional chef. And the facility focuses on several spiritually-focused treatment programs.

PatientsĀ can workout through interactive activities likeĀ rock climbing and ropes courses. There are also 12-step meetings, t’ai chi sessions, meditative yoga practice, and expressive arts classes.

Health and Wellness Beyond Luxury Rehabs

These 10 top luxury rehabs are perfect for anyone looking for a vacation-style path to drug, alcohol, and addiction treatment. And they all center around boosting personal health and wellness.

Want to stay up to date on other health and wellness news? Check out our blog here for the latest tips, trends, and adviceĀ surrounding a healthy body and mind.

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