There’s no convenient time for a car to stall out. Whether you’re sitting at a traffic light or in the drive-thru at a fast food joint, being blindsided by a mechanical failure costs you unexpected time and money.

Before you ditch your ride for an Uber, check out this guide on how to regain control of the situation when your car stalls out.

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Get Out of the Way

It’s natural to panic when your car stalls out in public. But you have to think quickly to get both you and your car to safety if you’re in the middle of traffic.

Check your mirrors for oncoming traffic before letting your car coast to the side of the road. If there’s no way to safely move across multiple lanes, do your best to pull as far out of the middle of the road as you can so cars can still move around you.

Keep Your Lights On

Unless your battery is dead or dying, you’ll need to keep your lights on so oncoming cars can see your car and move around you safely. Use your hazard lights for added visibility, especially if your car stalls out at night.

If the battery does die and the lights no longer work, place a reflective material like an emergency vest on the rear window so other cars can see your car in the road at night.

Troubleshoot From Inside First

Don’t jump out of the car right away if your car stalls out in a busy traffic area. You could hurt yourself or startle another driver into causing a traffic accident.

Troubleshoot the stall from the inside of the vehicle first by trying to restart the engine. Depending on the reason for the stall, the engine might just need a second to rest before starting back up.

Check for leaks around the engine once you can safely exit the car. The engine vacuum is an important computer component that commonly causes cars to stall out.

If you do manage to get it started up again, don’t go home. Drive the car to the nearest mechanic where you can get the problem professionally inspected.

Call Roadside Assistance

Call roadside assistance if your car stalls out and you can’t get it restarted. Request a tow truck to pick up the car and take it to your mechanic.

What happens if your phone is dead? Check for an emergency call box along major roads and highways. These call boxes allow you to reach the police or fire department in case of an emergency.

Costs When a Car Stalls Out

There are many reasons a car stalls out, but most are either battery or engine related. Engine stalls can be scary.

The cost to rebuild or replace an engine can sometimes be more than the cost of an older model car. Don’t let the fear of a costly repair paralyze you.

You might be worrying over a minor, inexpensive mechanical issue. Take your car to a professional mechanic who will give you a full diagnostic of the issue and the best options for repair.

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