Glasses have come a long way in terms of how society views them. While they used to be seen as nerdy and uncool, today they’re trendy, to the point where people without vision problems are wearing them for fun.

More than 25% of children and teenagers between the ages of 2-17 wear glasses or contact lenses. If trends continue, those numbers will only continue to climb higher.

If you’re thinking about taking your child to see a children’s eye doctor, it’s important to know what questions to ask. Today we’re going to help you think of topics you’ll want to bring up.

Let’s take a look at five questions you’ll want to ask your children’s optometrist.

1. Are Glasses the Only Option?

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While glasses may be trendy, not all kids want to have them. They can be inconvenient, and some kids might not like how they look on their faces.

If your child falls into that category, make a point to inquire about other options. The optometrist may be able to give to prescribe contacts or even LASIK eye surgery later in life.

2. How Does Technology Effect Vision?

Nowadays, most kids spend hours a day staring at different electronic screens. From tablets and computers to phones and TVs, all of that can take a toll on even the strongest of eyes.

Your child’s eye doctor can recommend solutions to combat vision damage caused by technology.

3. How Often Should My Child Visit?

Between dental appointments and general visits to pediatricians, making regular trips to the eye doctor can seem like a burden. So how often should your child visit?

Depending on their eyes, a kids’ optometrist may recommend that they only come once a year. In other cases, they may need to visit every few months.

4. How Can You Tell if a Child Actually Has a Vision Issue?

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Some kids may act like they have a vision problem when they actually don’t. Why would they do that? Because glasses are cool!

The right eye doctor, however, will have no problem differentiating serious vision problems from ones that are contrived.

5. How Important Are Sunglasses?

Most adults wear sunglasses since, if nothing else, they make it easier to see. They also help protect your eyes.

A child’s optometrist can help you and your child decide if sunglasses are something they should wear. If they are, they can help the two of you decide on the right pair.

Ask Your Children’s Eye Doctor the Right Questions

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Vision health might not be something that seems like a pressing issue for young children. However, in many cases, early detection and treatment is essential.

If you plan on taking your child to a children’s eye doctor, make sure to ask them the questions mentioned in this guide. Doing so will help ensure that your child gets the best treatment available.

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