Search engine optimization (SEO) companies have become one of the most highly sought out types of outsourced marketing. If done correctly, your company can see long-term results and an increase in customer site traffic.

Below are five crucial questions you should ask an SEO agency before investing in their services. Responses to these questions will help you get a better understanding of how certain agencies operate and how well they will be able to help you.

1. How Will Your SEO Agency Improve Our Rankings?

How Will Your SEO Agency Improve Our Rankings

Any reputable SEO agency will have a detailed strategy in mind when you ask them this question. Answers surrounding on-site technical SEO audits and identifying keywords are a good indication that they are highly qualified.

Also, you should ask the company about backlinks. These are a great way to increase traffic to your site however, they are not all equal.

It is a major red flag if the company suggests investing in a ton of backlinks at a very low cost. In general, one quality link is better for your site than multiple spammy links.

2. What Approach Will You Take for Our Specific Niche?

There are several ways that SEO services range depending on your particular niche. Every digital marketing agency will have varying approaches to help you with industry-specific goals and personalized business models.

Be sure to look for answers on how an SEO agency will modify its general approach to suit your niche’s unique needs. Their understanding of your industry will show that they are not broadly applying SEO tactics and can produce high-quality results.

3. Can You Provide Evidence of Previous Client Success?

Any successfully digital marketing company will be happy to share two or three big-name clients with you. If an SEO agency is hesitant to show you, or cannot produce examples of, legitimate businesses you’re better off looking somewhere else.

You should also enquire about their longest served client. This is a great way to avoid investing in a company that is only looking to provide quick and short-term results.

4. What is Your Approach to Mobile?

What is Your Approach to Mobile

Mobile optimization has become an important aspect to include in your SEO strategy development. The significance of crafting a mobile-first strategy comes in light of Google using a mobile-first index.

You should look for companies that perform mobile site audits. Additionally, the company you choose should also be able to explain why mobile SEO is an important aspect of general SEO approaches.

5. How Do You Measure Success?

Tracking the success of any SEO strategy is achieved by following traffic data from your site. An experienced SEO consultant will use resources such as Google Analytics to track certain metrics from your site.

This may include keywords users are searching for, your site’s search engine ranking, and the number of links driving traffic to your site.

You should ask about how they use this data to make decisions to further improve your site’s traffic. Any qualified company will keep you frequently updated throughout the process to ensure you know what’s going on with your site.

Hiring Ideal SEO Experts

Hiring Ideal SEO Experts

When selecting which SEO agency you’ll use to improve your site’s rankings, consider starting with these questions. This approach can save you the worry of hiring unprofessional companies that are only looking to provide quick, mediocre services.

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