Web developers have an expected 13% growth rate for the current decade. That’s much faster than the average of 5% for all other occupations.

What makes web developers such a fast-growing need for every business? Web development is a specialized skill. Looking for a web developer who meets your needs can be time-consuming and even costly.

Understanding how to hire a web developer means asking the right questions. An excellent developer will bring much more than technical skills.

Learn how to find a web developer for your company through the top six questions to ask in a job interview

1. What Have You Learned Recently?

Before hiring a web developer, you need to know if they’re willing to learn. Asking them what they’ve learned recently will show you if they’re up to date on best practices. It can also provide an easy way to understand their skill level.

2. How Much Do You Know About Digital Marketing?

Not all developers know about digital marketing. This skill may not be required for your current project. If they do have digital marketing experience though, they’ll know how to build a site for SEO. They’ll also build it in a way that sets you up for future marketing integrations.

If you’re hiring a highly experienced developer or a Software Technology Group, this knowledge will be second nature.

3. What Process Do You Use When Developing a Website?

This question gives you insight into how easy the developer will be to work with. Do they start with diligent research and planning? Are they able to stick with a workflow and collaborate with others? You’ll discover these answers and more.

4. What Is Your Preferred Language and Platform?

Every web site developer has his or her preferred language and platform. This question won’t uncover their full skill set, but it will show you how they’re most comfortable working.

5. Do You Specialize in Certain Industries?

If a developer specializes in your industry, they may bring a wealth of knowledge. Your industry may have best practices that they’re aware of and can bring to the table.

6. What Are Your Usual Needs for Development Projects?

Most companies know that developers thrive from working alone. They can’t operate in a silo, however. Asking for their needs will show what type of questions they ask to get started. It may also tell you if your company offers the resources the developer needs to thrive.

Find a Web Developer Who Fits With Your Company

Understanding how to find a web developer takes proper research. Asking the right questions will give you insight into their experience, methods and more.

Above all, you should prioritize finding a developer who fits with your company. Almost all of our top six interview questions will give you a sense of personality and attitude. Pay attention to how they answer and if they’re thoughtful and courteous.

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