Did you realize that the typical divorce lawyer costs $250 per hour, costing you about USD 15,000 in total?

Do you need a divorce lawyer? It’s hard to know where to start. Do you open up a Google search, perform a few keyword searches, and hope for the best?

That’s not the best strategy. Ideally, you want to find a divorce lawyer who works for you and can start representing you immediately.

With the correct information upfront, you can abort your search early and avoid wasting time.

Read on to learn ten essential questions to ask a divorce lawyer.

1. Experience as a Lawyer

types of divorce

This can provide insight into how long they have been practicing law, what type of cases they have held, and how knowledgeable they are about the laws in your state.

Other questions to ask a divorce lawyer during consultation is to consider include how many divorce cases the lawyer has taken, what resources they have to mediate issues, or how comfortable they are navigating a courtroom setting.

Knowing a lawyer’s experience helps them better understand their legal capabilities and is critical when selecting the right divorce lawyer.

2. Timetable for a Divorce Case

Specifically, ask the lawyer to explain the steps typically involved in a divorce case, the time frame for each stage, and the estimated overall time frame for completion. It is essential to understand that each patient is unique, and the time frame may vary depending on the case’s complexity.

Also, inquire about the specific timeline for filing and completing paperwork, how long the divorce process usually takes, how long you are expected to be involved in the process, and the time it often takes for a settlement to be achieved.

Knowing the expected timetable for a divorce case is essential to understanding the process and making sound decisions throughout the proceedings.

3. Cost of a Divorce

The cost of a divorce can vary significantly depending on the case’s complexity.

Some cases cost as little as a few hundred dollars, and others run into the thousands. The best way to understand the cost of your divorce is to speak to a divorce lawyer.

4. Payment Plans

Next, determine the estimate for the cost of your divorce. Starting by asking if they take payment via credit card, check, or PayPal, for instance. Ask about the payment schedule, if you can break down the costs into smaller increments, and when each payment is due.

Lastly, inquire about what happens if a payment is missed, do you have to pay extra fees, and if you will have to start the process all over again.

These are essential questions to ask a divorce attorney to have answered before you make any binding agreements.

5. Communication

Divorce appraisals

Ask the lawyer to outline their communication policy and the types of communication they will use, such as emails, phone calls, and text messages. Inquire about time frames for responses and updates, and ask whether the lawyer will respond to messages during non-business hours.

Determine if the divorce lawyer can communicate via a client portal and ask about its security protocols. Ask the lawyer if they provide their clients with automated legal updates.

Inquire about the firm’s approach to communication in difficult times and if alternative communication options are needed.

6. Emotional Support

The divorce process is often long and complex, so it pays off to have an understanding attorney who can provide comfort and understanding throughout the process.

Emotional support from a divorce lawyer is essential for many couples facing the end of their marriage.

A legal professional empathizing with their stress and emotional needs is essential, so asking the right questions is essential when hiring a divorce lawyer.

Before meeting with a divorce lawyer, you must plan out specific questions you intend to ask. Questions concerning your legal rights as a client are especially pertinent to ask to inform yourself about your rights.

It includes your right to privacy, access to documents, and representation. Ask what the attorney has done for past clients similar to your case.

8. Parenting Plan

A parenting plan establishes when and how parents will-exceptional time with children and should be tailored to the family’s needs. There are several questions to consider when making this plan.

For example, how will holidays be split? What co-parenting agreement should be implemented to ensure both parents have a strong relationship with their kids? Who will be responsible for making decisions related to school and other activities?

How will changes in individual schedules or family dynamics affect the parenting plan? All of these questions need to be considered when creating a parenting plan.

9. Tax Implications of a Lawyer

If one spouse is paying alimony or child support, they may need to file as a head of household. In contrast, the other will typically file as single or married, filing separately.

Additionally, a divorce lawyer should be able to advise on which deductions and credits can be taken following divorce and how to divide assets like retirement accounts without incurring a taxable event.

If a property settlement is part of the divorce agreement, a divorce lawyer should be able to inform a person of necessary tax filings to document the transactions. Additionally, a divorce lawyer can advise about amending tax returns if a divorce is not finalized until the end of the year.

Finally, a divorce lawyer should be able to help with extended tax filing deadlines due to exceptional circumstances, such as a last-minute divorce.

10. Assessment & Action

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

When evaluating a potential divorce lawyer, there are ten questions you should consider. These include questions about the lawyer’s assessment and action plan upon receiving a new divorce case.

For example, you may want to ask what types of research they will conduct to understand the facts of the case and the steps they take to ensure those facts are accurately captured.

Additionally, you might ask the lawyer about their strategy for settling or litigating the dispute and how they devise an action plan promptly. You could also inquire about their experience with negotiations and court proceedings.

Lastly, you may want to know if the lawyer has experience crafting negotiations objectively and even-handedly.

Learning What Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be extremely confusing and daunting, so it’s essential to ponder any questions to ask a divorce lawyer ahead of time. Take some time to decide what is most important to you, and ask your divorce lawyer any questions.

With the proper preparation, you can confidently navigate the divorce process. Reach out to a reputable legal expert to learn more!

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