The Miami Herald is raising additional questions about Marco Rubio’s alleged use of campaign money for personal expenses. A reimbursement check he deposited in 2002 more closely resembles a car payment.

According to public records, Rubio made a payment of $1,485.55 to “Marco Rubio Bank of America Auto Finance Corp.” for “auto expense.” An advisor to Rubio’s campaign said the check was a reimbursement to Rubio for the mileage he accrued while campaigning.

According to the Herald:

Rubio was leasing a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee at the time from the bank, said a top advisor to his Senate campaign, Todd Harris.

Harris said Rubio was owed the money for mileage racked up during 11 months while campaigning for reelection in the central Miami-Dade district, though he didn’t face an opponent. He said Rubio drove 4,070 miles, which at the Internal Revenue Service’s reimbursement rate of 36.5 cents per mile, came to exactly $1485.55.

Harris did not say why the check was made out to the bank instead of to the candidate himself.

Rubio did not seek reimbursement for mileage in his other campaigns.

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