Each person finds their comfort in different things or activities. Food, sport, cheesy movies, midnight snacks, social media, are all things people enjoy indulging in when they have some alone time. We all have guilty pleasures, and the reason we describe them as guilty is even though they make us feel good, they’re probably unusual or not ideal in other ways. However, it is those guilty pleasures that make our busy, sometimes difficult lives more appealing.

Here are some quality products

1.   Watches

Some people view watches as something necessary just for telling time. With the complete reliance on phones today, a lot of people don’t even wear them anymore. However, there is a prevalent portion of people who think of watches as part of who they are, not just an accessory. This is why 1.2 billion watches are sold yearly! Watch lovers think of them as a form of art that expresses their fashion sense and way of life. Watch styles are now endless to suit each person’s character; from sporty watches, dress watches, quartz watches, and so much more. To satisfy their extravagant taste, watch companies keep their enthusiastic customers on their toes with constant new fancy styles and shapes.

2.   Cigars

Many people often wonder why cigar smokers don’t just smoke cigarettes when it’s obviously cheaper. Cigar smoking is a pleasure not many can understand. Some people have never even tried a cigarette but are cigar enthusiasts. The common image related to cigars is a middle-aged rich man on a high-end beach or a yacht sipping on expensive scotch with a cigar in hand. But many people from all walks of life with different financial statuses take on this guilty pleasure. The hobby once practiced only on special occasions became a passion for many because buying cigars online has now become more accessible than ever. Anything from the famous Cuban cigars, filtered cigars, acid cigars, to machine-made cigars is right under your fingertips for well-deserved relaxation.

3.   CoffeeQuality Products

That morning cup of coffee before class or work is something many can never skip. The love for coffee is a global language that even those who prefer other beverages can speak. However, some people take their love for the heavenly-smelling powder to the next level and spend a lot of effort and money on making sure they get only the best coffee all the time. Those with the guilty pleasure of a good cup of coffee don’t settle for store-bought and have it shipped from Brazil or Turkey. They don’t find coffee shops good enough and have a ‘coffee corner’ at home to brew their own coffee. Many also buy luxurious coffee and espresso machines that require specific, expensive types of coffee. It’s an extravagant passion indeed, but the pleasure and smell are worth it.

4.   Beauty Products

The world of beauty products is never-ending and has its huge army of beauty-gurus who just can’t get enough! Whether it’s skincare products, make-up, or perfumes, it’s a business that never runs out of ideas. Many people have the guilty pleasure of buying dozens of lotions, lipstick shades, or facial masks. Companies are now making it easier and accessible with online shopping and providing skin and beauty experts to make you feel like you need everything! It can be costly with most beauty ingredients being rare and expensive, yet very effective. There’s just a certain relaxing feeling when you use luxurious quality products to pamper yourself and feel beautiful.

5.   Jewelry

Man or woman – buying jewelry is a guilty pleasure for many. For some, it could be an occasional gift on a special event, while others consider it an essential in their everyday look. For women, diamond earrings and gold chains are the guilty pleasure they splurge on to look their best on a night out with the guys. Some also love showering their partners with jewelry without an occasion because jewelry is the way they express their love and gratitude. A lot of women can’t resist a luxurious necklace or a gorgeous gold bracelet to complement their skin tone and daily outfits.

Having a guilty pleasure or two is completely normal as long as it’s within reason. There is no need for it to turn into an addiction emptying your wallet and consuming all your time. There’s nothing wrong with spending money on certain things if it makes you happy. In a hectic life where we constantly work hard to provide for ourselves and those, we love; we deserve to treat ourselves every now and then.

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