CBD is touted for its well-known benefits for anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

These amazing, scientifically documented uses have skyrocketed the popularity of CBD over recent years. As a result, there are CBD companies popping up all over the globe.

One has to wonder, are all these products legit? How can I trust the integrity of companies that produce CBD?

Well, it’s hard to tell. But there is one thing you can trust: independent lab tests. These are tests performed by labs that have no affiliation with CBD companies. This means they can give an unbiased test result on the potency, contaminant levels, and other factors that impact CBD quality.

Still not convinced? Check out these seven reasons for why lab tested CBD oil is extremely important.

The FDA Doesn’t Regulate Supplements

Although hemp became legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, the FDA is still pretty wary about the use of CBD. 

So, the FDA doesn’t readily regulate or intervene in CBD product manufacturing. They also don’t require CBD companies to independently test their products. This means there’s no federally guaranteed way to know whether or not the product is what it says it is.

Independent lab testing is the only way that consumers can effectively verify that what a company is selling is actually CBD. You can usually view these lab test results on a company’s website.

Pesticides Have Been Linked to Cancer

CBD products are extracted from a breed of cannabis called industrial hemp. When growing these plants, some farmers will use conventional methods of growing that uses pesticides. While it protects the plant from damage, these pesticides can end up in the final product of CBD oils.

This is an issue because synthetic pesticides like glyphosate have been linked to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Currently, there are class action lawsuits against manufacturers of this pesticide.

Pesticides are also suspected to impact gut function. This is coupled with disrupted hormones, cellular health, reproductive capacity. These effects have been recorded extensively in scientific research.

To avoid exposure to these toxic pesticides, look for a CBD oil that is independently lab tested to be free of pesticides.

Solvents Are Toxic Substances

Solvents are chemicals that are mixed with hemp to extract the CBD. If not done properly, these chemicals can show up in CBD products.

These solvents are known neurotoxins that can impact brain function. For this reason, third-party lab testing for solvents is a must.

Potency Matters and Lab-Tested CBD Oil Is Verified

There is currently no strict regulation on CBD companies to ensure that the potency they claim is the potency in the product.

Third party lab testing can verify levels of CBD in products to back up claims by companies. When they are displayed on the company website, consumers can verify for themselves that the product is what it says it is.

THC Shows Up On a Drug Test

Although CBD is made from industrial hemp, which is extremely low in THC, sometimes there is the potential for contamination. This psychoactive chemical can be detrimental to health long-term.

THC is known to have negative long-term effects on brain function and even IQ. It can also induce anxiety and impair motor skill function.

As a result, many employers require drug tests prior to hiring. Because this chemical can impact function so significantly, a presence of THC in the urine can make or break a potential job opportunity.

When buying CBD oil products, you want to know for sure that there is no THC present. This is especially the case if you plan on using CBD long term.

Independent lab tests can verify that CBD products online have a lower than 0.3% THC concentration which is the legal limit. 

Heavy Metals Can Contaminate Hemp Extracts

Lead and other toxic heavy metals are found in our water supply. They can also be a byproduct of manufacturing plants. If hemp is grown with contaminated water or near a manufacturing plant, it’s possible that the hemp could become contaminated.

Lead contamination of CBD has become a major issue and something to watch out for. Chronic ingestion of lead from CBD oil online can have negative effects on the body, including damage to the nervous system and brain.

Other heavy metals can also impact cell function by incorporating into cells. As a result, they can displace important minerals that support proper cell function.

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Synthetic Cannabinoids Are a Major Issue In the Industry

As with any man-made substances, they aren’t necessarily safe. Although they may look chemically identical under a microscope, there are no long term safety studies on synthetic cannabinoids.

CBD oil products that contain synthetic cannabinoids are made from plant matter that has been sprayed with these synthetic compounds.

There are various labs that can test for the presence of synthetic cannabinoids. 

Finding Pure CBD Oil For Sale Is Hard

Considering the FDA still hasn’t set a clear standard for CBD manufacturing, it can be really hard to find a reputable company to order CBD oil from.

The biggest thing you want to look out for will be companies that sell lab tested CBD oil. This will protect you from contaminants like solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals while guaranteeing the potency of the product. It will also give you peace of mind knowing a product contains no THC and you can confidently pass a drug test.

These lab tests are often proudly displayed on a company’s websites for transparency to consumers. Without this, be wary of the quality of CBD products!

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