Has someone you know recently moved into a new home? Are you looking to buy him or her a housewarming gift come the holiday season? If so, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re going to review 11 awesome housewarming gifts, helping you to find the perfect item for your friend or loved one. Ready? Let’s go!

1. A Bottle of Wine

If your giftee is an alcohol enthusiast, you might consider gifting him or her a bottle of wine. Nothing helps a person cozy into a new home quite like a rose or a pinot grigio.

You should, of course, consider other alcoholic beverages as well, including beer, champagne, and whiskey. Think of what the giftee normally likes and buy a beverage that caters to that preference. In any case, alcohol is one of the most amazing housewarming gifts you can imagine.

2. A Set of Custom Coasters

Beverages and tabletops don’t mix. As such, coasters carry a great deal of importance. Why not help your giftee break in his or her new home by gifting a set of custom ones?

Custom coasters can say anything you want them to say. But, to play it safe, you should probably just have them designed with the giftee’s last name.

3. An Essential Oil Diffuser

Looking to bring some good vibes to your giftee’s new home? If so, you might consider gifting him or her an essential oil diffuser.

These emit scented vapor into the air, humidifying it and making it more breathable. There are a number of options available, all of which are sure to be welcome.

4. A Grill Set

While your giftee probably won’t be doing a lot of outdoor grilling this holiday season, spring and summer are never too far away. As such, you might consider giving your giftee a grill set.

A fancy set of tongs, spatulas, and other accessories would be a welcome gift for many. You could even have them custom made so that they possess the initials of your giftee.

5. A Painting

Bare walls are boring walls. If your giftee isn’t going to have a boring home, he or she is going to need to hang some portraits or art pieces.

This is where you come in. You could gift your giftee a cool painting or poster that you find. Whether it’s a reprint of Van Gogh or a Target original, it could go a long way in bringing style to the giftee’s new home.

6. A Photo Blanket

There are some great gifts out there, one of which is a photo blanket. Photo blankets can be printed with any photo. So, find a photo that the recipient will appreciate and have a blanket made of it.

Obviously, you don’t have to undertake this task on your own. There are plenty of businesses that can do it for you.

7. A Welcome Mat

Another option to consider is a welcome mat, one of the best housewarming presents in existence. This gift will take a cold, bare front porch and transform it into a warm and inviting entryway.

There are all types of welcome mats out there. You could have one made with your giftee’s last name; you could buy one with a cool design; or you could just get something stereotypical, like a mat that literally says “welcome”.

8. A Bartender Set

Does your giftee appreciate the intricacies of alcohol? If so, you might consider gifting a bartender set.

These sets come with all of the necessities, from shakers to jiggers to strainers to ice tongs to corkscrews, and more. They’ll help turn your giftee into an alcohol mastermind.

9. A Potted Plant

Your giftee’s new home is bound to feel a little lifeless, especially is he or she is the only person living in it. Why not bring it to life by giving your giftee a potted plant?

Sure, it’s not a breathing entity, but it’s something. And with all of the different plants available, you’re bound to find something that gives your giftee’s home a unique touch.

10. A Custom Cutting Board

Does your giftee like to cook? If so, you should consider gifting him or her a custom cutting board. A cutting board with his or her last name chiseled into it would bring a unique element to his or her kitchen.

You can find custom cutting boards all over the internet. Amazon is bound to have several options available.

11. A Candle

Candles are vital to homes, as they improve not only their aromas but their atmospheres as well. So, to help ease your giftee into his or her new home, you should give him or her a scented candle.

There is no end to the aromas available. Just head to a store near you and you’re sure to find a variety of options.

12. A Keyholder

Keys are a vital part of civilized life. As such, keeping track of keys is a necessity. Why not help your giftee do this by providing him or her with a new keyholder?

These are available in a wide variety of styles. You could buy something basic. On the other hand, you could find one that’s shaped like the giftee’s state of residence, or a dog, or essentially anything else.

13. A Set of Towels

Another gift to consider is a set of towels. Whether these be bath towels, kitchen towels, or otherwise, they’ll help bring some pizzazz and uniformity to your giftee’s new home.

You could even have towels customized with your giftee’s last name. The options are endless in this department, making it an exceedingly solid gift choice.

These Awesome Housewarming Gifts are Sure to Be a Hit

If you’re looking to ease a friend or loved one into a new home, giving him or her one of these awesome housewarming gifts is sure to help. Pick one that’s appropriate for your giftee and have a happy holiday season!

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