Given that 92% of people who use marijuana medicinally have said that it works for them, there’s aย good reason for supporting the many ways to use marijuana. Whether you use it recreationally or medicinally, you’ll find that there are a lot of benefits to consuming it in different ways. If you’re not sure of the ways to use marijuana or how you could be using it differently, take some time to get acquainted.

Here are just five of the most interesting ways to use it in your daily life.

1. Take A Chill Pill

Pills and capsules offer some of the most interesting new ways to ingest marijuana. When you take a THC pill, the marijuana has been suspended in an oil, which provides for save and even consumption. You get all the benefits of smoking without any of the harsh after effects, inhaling of carcinogens, or any of the equipment.

When you use THC pills, you’ll get a predictable dose of THC every time. When you smoke, different strains have different strengths and it’s hard to measure the power of a puff. It can be a safer way to consume THC.

With no smell and no smoke, you can remain discreet. You get to take a pill and remain lowkey without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

Pills are more than just a way to get high. When you combine them with other elements, they can treat lots of different physical ailments. People who have trouble sleeping combine them with melatonin for sleep.

You’ll also get a more prolonged impact of THC than you do when you smoke. As the body metabolizes the THC, you get to process it in a longer and smoother fashion than you do when you smoke.

2. Dabs Are Fab

If you want to get a hit of concentrated weed, you don’t have to light up a joint. There are now processes for creating concentrated doses of cannabis by extracting THC and cannabinoids with a solvent. Called either wax or oil, these dabs pack a powerful punch.

If you want to learn more about terpenes, read more here.

You need a special setup for dabbing but with it’s done correctly at the right dose, you get a clean and perfect product. It’s much better on your lungs and saves you from inhaling carcinogens.

Extracting your own dabs takes a lot of equipment and it can be pretty dangerous. Instead of trying to do it on your own, leave it to the pros and get a friend to show you how to dab safely and efficiently.

3. Tinctures Are Tight

One of the ways that more people are ingesting THC is through the help of a tincture. These are oil or alcohol-based extracts that you can take under your tongue or add to any kind of medium. You’ll notice the changes much more slowly but you can end up feeling the effects for much longer.

This gets absorbed into your bloodstream which offers a long-lasting dosage. Add it to coffee, tea, or even foods. Measuring it is easy so you’ll never worry that you’ve taken too much or too little.

Medicinal and recreational users alike appreciate the effects of a tincture. They’re easy for people who like a low or microdose who want to get through the day without obstacles. For anyone looking for a smokeless solution, this is one of the healthiest options around.

They hit faster than edibles and don’t last nearly as long, given they’re out of your bloodstream faster than you would pass a food item.

4. Take it With Food

For decades, the ever popular “pot brownie” has made edibles a fun option for recreational enthusiasts. However, as there have been more ways to consume introduced to us every year, the concept of “edibles” has expanded from homemade to commercial. There are large factories now devoted to creating edibles for public consumption.

They create candy, salty snacks, and even ingredients for you to add to your own recipes. While it can take a few hours for edibles to hit, they end up being more intense than other highs. Edibles work with low THC strains, meaning that people who use marijuana for pain relief or medicinally can use them without getting high.

There are so many different kinds of edibles that you can make yourself or that you can find in dispensaries. Pay attention to the dosage on them and you’ll have a lot of control over your high.

5. Drink Your THC

Drinks that have been infused with THC have been around for decades, but with improved technology, there are better ways to consume it than ever. These days you can brew coffee or tea infused with marijuana at home. You’ll have few psychoactive benefits but you’ll be able to get a lot of the physiological elements of using marijuana.

Combined THC and cannabis have always been known to offer a unique high. For relaxed energy in the morning, CBD or THC coffees can help you wake up the right way.

There are even craft beers and cocktail menus that have added THC and CBD to the mix. You can find sodas with cannabis and even juices and lemonades. IF you’re throwing a party, add some cannabis-infused drinks to the mix to get things started.

More Ways To Use Marijuana Are Being Invented

Beyond the ways listed above, there are more ways to use marijuana than we ever knew before. If you’re an adventurous enthusiast, you’ll find that trying new ways to take marijuana can enhance your experience.

If you’re looking to learn all about using marijuana in California, check out our latest guide.

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