Public Policy Polling announced today that

Democrat Alex Sink is ahead of both of her potential Republican challengers. Sink leads Rick Scott 36:30 and Attorney General Bill McCollum 37:23. In both horseraces Independent candidate Bud Chiles finishes third with less than a sixth of the vote.

Despite leading the race Sink has relatively low name recognition, 54% of Florida voters say they have yet to form an opinion of the Democratic nominee. She is fairly unknown amongst Democrats as well. 49% of Floridians within her own party are unsure of their opinion of Sink and only 33% have a favorable opinion. Sink is certainly benefiting from the brutally competitive Republican Primary.

The Republican primary battle is taking its toll on both McCollum and Scott. Both candidates are undoubtedly better known than Sink, but it is not necessarily in their favor. 41% of Florida voters have an unfavorable opinion of Scott and 51% have an unfavorable opinion of McCollum.

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