This yearโ€™s Atlantic hurricane season has already seen a record number of named tropical storms, and more major hurricanes are forecast for later in the year. In Florida, hurricanes can cause extensive damage to property, and at the end of the scale, wildfires are a problem during dry weather. By taking preventative steps to secure your home against extreme weather events you can help to protect it from encroaching fire, destructive winds and subsequent flooding. Of course, not all damage is preventable, so for unforeseen circumstances, comprehensive home insurance that covers all the elements is also essential.

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Successful Claims for Hurricane Damage

High winds are the primary cause of damage during hurricanes as they lift off roofs, uproot trees and propel debris. Although the majority of residential property claims relating to damage caused by Hurricane Irma have now been settled, over 4% of claims still remain open three years later on. Insurance claims can be complex, and, even in genuine circumstances, insurers may offer inadequate remuneration or deny payment altogether. An Orlando insurance adjuster acts independently to insurers and can negotiate with them on your behalf. With experienced assistance like this, more claimants receive the payments they deserve.

Extra Protection Against Flooding

As well as bringing destruction through high winds, hurricanes also produce torrential rain which can lead to serious flooding. Building temporary blockades with sandbags is a simple but effective way to divert water away from a property and minimize the amount of damage caused by water ingress. Flooding is not usually included in regular property insurance. However, it may be possible to buy extra add on cover or completely separate flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Preventing Destruction by Wildfire

Florida experiences the second highest number of wildfires each year in the USA. and, with a growing number of homes built in previously wildland areas, damage to property from wildfires is a growing risk.ย  Keeping external areas free of debris, dead vegetation, and even combustible garden furniture will help to create a defensible space zone immediately surrounding your property and stop the spread of a fire. As with flooding, it is worth checking that wildfires are covered in insurance policies as some companies may exclude wildfire protection from their ordinary policies.

With extreme weather events on the increase, taking steps to protect your Florida home can help to significantly reduce the potentially devastating effects of the elements. These steps should always include taking out a comprehensive insurance policy, which, after a successful claim, will minimize the financial stress of any accidental damage.

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