The canvas shopping bags we carry have much more to offer than what first meets the eye. They are tailored toward your individual requirements to ensure that your customers use shopping bags of the utmost quality that your business provides.

Here, at Custom Earth Promos, our level of expertise is just where it needs to be when it comes to the production of eco-friendly and reusable bags that work to promote your business efficiently. So just how can you benefit from the shopping bags we provide?


While it can be difficult to find bags that are able to be used again and again, Custom Earth Promos is home to a variety of reusable canvas bags – from generic shopping bags to custom printed wine bags as well as items like recycled water bottles. The canvas bags in our supply can be used to carry a variety of weights, and have been designed for an endless amount of possibilities.

In addition, our canvas bags are able to be washed in washing machines at low temperatures, making them safe when it comes to spillage and leaks while shopping.


Looking to save money? You would be amazed at how cost-effective our canvas shopping bags really are! They are produced using the highest-quality materials, but they are able to pay for themselves in just a few uses. Rather than paying for plastic bags, why not consider our collection of canvas shopping bags? Not only are they priced affordably, but they are also able to work with any kind of budget.


Our canvas shopping bags work to distribute the weight of goods evenly. At Custom Earth Promos, we ensure that carrying your items is simplified, and done so in comfort. And our bags that can be worn over the shoulder allow your goods to stay snug and safe while shopping is done.


While our canvas bags are designed for practicality, they are also able to make a bold statement when it comes to style. Due to our large selection of styles, we can satisfy any design need. And what’s more? Custom Earth Promos can provide you with a bag that matches any outfit combination!

Looking for something classic and simple? Check out our Canvas Classic Shopper! On the hunt for bags with modern sophistication? Be sure to browse through our Bespoke Canvas Bags collection today.


When it comes to promoting upcoming events as well as your business, canvas shopping bags are truly a must-have. So why not opt for something creative and fun? Your message is the most important part of the bag. But when that is clear, you have a lot of room for customization and getting the bag to your specific requirements.

Why are canvas bags perfect for promoting your business? Because when your customers use your bags to do their shopping, it gets your name and brand out there. Therefore, you want your shopping bags to be endearing as well as memorable so that your brand is not only better recognized but beloved.

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