Going braless after the end of a long day is certainly the best part of so many women’s days. The audible exhale of relief is palpable, when you’ve been wrapped up in discomfort all day long. Going braless is a privilege that so many can and should enjoy fully. That being said, we can’t help but wonder if the popularity of the going braless movement has been sparked by a demographic of people who never had a bra that fit well in the first place. Far too often, people hate on bras, and we get it because there is truly a time and place. There are times when bras do everything for us, and there are times when the luxury of not wearing one is magical. Ultimately, the autonomy to make the decision on whether or not a bra is worn should be totally up to the woman. We can not express enough how either route is fine. You know your body, and you know what’s most important to you. Some women feel more comfortable never worrying about nipping, and appreciate the feeling of being supported and raised. Still, other women feel more comfortable in the freedom of hanging loose and not being held back by a bra.

If you do decide to wear a bra, however, finding one that fits in all the right places and doesn’t cause you pain is essential to creating a positive experience. There are so many bras out there that come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to help you have the best fitting experience. With a badly fitting bra of course wearing one would only be a list of cons but with a proper fit, it allows for a more even and fair list of pros along with the cons. But what are the pros and cons of not wearing a bra? We’ve consulted countless women, and here’s the inside scoop of everything there is to know.

Pros Of Going Braless

1. No Ribcage, Back, Or Shoulder Pain

woman having shoulder pain

Wearing a bra often produces bad back pain if the bra does not fit right. Many women complain that a bra strap digging into their shoulders, hooks digging into their back, or underwire cutting into their chest can cause them back pain at the end of the day. Poorly fitting bras are primarily the cause of this.

2. Comfort (Better Sleep And You Feel Free)

The most cited reason that women love going braless is the sheer comfort factor of it all. Not only does not wearing a bra make you feel free as a bird, but it also can leave you feeling empowered and unrestricted. Additionally, not wearing a bra to bed allows for better sleep.

3. Saves Money

Bras are expensive. They can snag, pull, or catch in the washer. They can also get stretched out and thin. Because of this, maintaining high-quality bras is a serious undertaking. By going braless you skip the extra expense of upkeep.

4. Improved Blood Circulation

By not wearing a bra, it allows your blood to flow more readily around your chest. This aids in the health of the muscle tissue that can oftentimes be too smashed down. By removing this article of clothing that may not fit right or be irritating day in and day out, it helps with skin firmness as well.

5. Clear Skin Around The Chest Area

If you think about the amount of dirt, grime, and sweat that builds up underneath your bra, it’s really quite disgusting. Left unchecked this build-up can lead to acne or skin infection on your chest.

Cons Of Going Braless

1. Hanging Or Sagging Breasts

Though not fully proven, many women complain that going braless makes them feel like their breasts are hanging down all day long which can lead to sagging. This feeling is exasperated by a lack of wearing a bra.

2. Lack Of Support Or Structure

The classic bra allows for support and structure for your breasts in a way that going braless is unable to. This all comes down to preference, and this may not be a con for you, but many women like a little additional form given through their bra cup.

3. Lack Of Padding

Again, this is totally a preference thing, but many women don’t enjoy the feeling of nipping in public places. Prioritizing a bra with a bit of padding may be important to them to feel like their boobs look and feel like their best selves.

4. Can’t Work Out As Effectively

Achieve a Better Run Today

Probably the biggest complaint of going braless is the lack of being able to exercise effectively. Many women complain about how when they go for a run or even engage in a simple exercise class, that it can feel very uncomfortable to not have the adequate support to keep their boobs from moving all around.

5. Not As Good Of A Posture

To put it simply, many women opt for wearing a bra because they feel like it gives better shape to their outfits, and leads to better posture. Pulling your shoulders back and giving your breasts adequate support is an easy way to look your best.

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