Marketing in 2018 is more complicated than it has been in the past. Before most businesses could get away with a few newspaper ads and mailers to handle their marketing. Today marketing is much more nuanced.

People are pouring thousands of dollars into online search campaigns and social media marketing. But despite the new ways of doing marketing, there are still some tried and true methods that work.

According toยย promotional giveaways are more than a few pens or mouse pads you may give out during corporate events. If you use them the right way, you have a powerful marketing tool on your hands.

Curious about why promotional giveaways should be a part of your marketing strategy? After you read this post, you’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long to get into it.

The Benefits Of Promotional Giveaways

People have been using promotional and business giveaways as a cheap and discrete way to market their brand for decades. Sometimes having a great logo on some high-quality items can be all you need to bring in customers.

Want to know why? Read this list to see why so many businesses still invest in giveaways in the age of social media and internet marketing.


Take a look at your desk or inside your bag, and take note of how many branded products you have.

It’s safe to assume that you have a few pens with a business name on them, or maybe some branded notepads or even a cell phone case.

Think about how long ago you got some of the branded items you currently use. You may have been a conference over two years ago, but you still have a branded pen on your desk.

If you’re willing to hold on to these things, imagine how many people would be willing to use something with your business’ branding on it!

It’s worth it to put your logo or business name on something people will use multiple times. A pen, pad of paper, or business tool is an excellent thing to brand for business.

Promotional giveaways and branded products can market your business for years to come.

Affordable Advertising Space

Newspapers may not be too popular anymore, but ad space in their pages can be very costly.

An ad in a small local paper could cost you a few hundred dollars, and an ad in a major publication can cost several thousand. TV ads, radio ads, and billboards can be much more expensive.

A traditional ad can cost you a small fortune, but a few hundred pens or pads of paper with your logo on it can cost much less.ย ย 

Convenient Advertising Space

How much time do you think you spend looking at ads? Most people will glance at print advertisements, and some may miss billboards altogether if they’re on the road.

Think of each item that has your logo or business name on it as marketing real estate that can last for ages.

A logo that lives in a pen or coffee mug is going to be around someone for hours a day. A product that sits on someone’s desk is going to be in someone’s line of site for a while.

There’s also the possibility that a co-worker or family member can see your logo and get interested in your business.

Make Brand Ambassadors

The convenient advertising space and personal nature of branded items can turn everyday people into brand ambassadors.

People don’t like to feel like they’re being pitched products or services, and they hold the opinions of their friends and family in high regard.

These two factors helped make brand ambassadors one of the most important tools for businesses that want to market their products.

A brand ambassador can be someone that you pay to promote certain products or services on social media, or they could be someone that simply has an item with your branding on it.

Friends, family members, and coworkers will see people drinking out of a mug with your logo on it and could become curious about your business.

They may borrow a pen from someone and stumble upon your website URL that’s printed on it.

Build Your Brand With Excellent Items

When some people hear the word promotional giveaways, they groan and think about all of the cheap merchandise they’ve picked up at events.

Some businesses can go a little overboard with items and put their logo and name on everything. It’s better for you to put thought into what items you want to use that can help build your brand.

Some tech companies may forgo the traditional pens and pads of paper for branded mouse pads and phone chargers. A restaurant may choose to bring bottle openers with their name on them.

It’s possible to build your brand with unique products, you just need to know where to find them. There are plenty of businesses and sites like this website that can help you make extraordinary custom products.

Handle Events Like A Professional

When most people think about business and promotional giveaways, they usually think about business tradeshows and conventions

Tradeshows and conventions are an excellent place to do giveaways, but they’re far from the only place you can give out products and build brand identity.

If you take time to look at your local community event calendar, you’ll see farmers markers, school fundraisers, and a host of other events that would love to have local business sponsorship.

Sponsoring a local event is one thing, but showing up with excellent things to giveaway is quite another. These events are an excellent way to reach more potential customers and build brand awareness.

Next Steps

Now that you know how promotional giveaways can help market your business, it’s time to explore other ways you can grow and advertise your brand.

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