While I don’t believe the allegations made about Pr. Ssempa, and he has categorically denied them, I wish to dissociate and distance myself from the allegations of genocide, violence against gays which are attributed to Dr. Martin Ssempa in the US media. I have partnered with him in HIV/AIDS prevention in the past but am no longer working with him or planning to work with him in the foreseeable future. #

Mullarkey also denies making the statement to the Independent that homosexuals have “ruined people’s lives” in Uganda, saying it is in fact AIDS that has “done that.” #

This bill has a draft which seeks strong punishment of death penalty for violent rape of children, infection of HIV, or the rape of the handicapped. A similar law exists in place for heterosexuals already so this was simply to even out the protection of rape and infection both from hetero or homosexual offenders. We have asked that the bill be adjusted and the punishments be reduced to be more meaningful. #

“I do not support the death penalty for being gay and I do not believe Mr. Ssempa does either,” Mullarkey writes. “His statement was very conditional upon rape of children. … From his quote to me the bill has been misinterpreted or changed.” #

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