Progressive groups in Florida have launched a website that aims to shine “a spotlight on [U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s, R-Fla.] extremist positions, numerous ethical lapses, and the ‘wrong way’ he’s trying to lead our nation.”

The website, Wrongwayrubio.com, features links to various news stories highlighting Rubio’s connections to big oil companies, as well as his stance on issues regarding welfare and reproductive rights. The site also links to stories highlighting a handful of scandals regarding Rubio’s finances and family history. The website was created by two progressive organizations in the state: Florida Watch and Progress Florida.

Rubio remains one of the stars of Republican Party for his ultra-conservative politics. He is currently a rumored vice-presidential contender.

Rubio has long been criticized by Democrats and progressives for his views on issues such as abortion rights and the DREAM Act. As reported earlier by The Florida Independent, he was also the beneficiary of the largest amount of Koch Industries campaign funds of any candidate outside of Kansas, where Koch Industries is headquartered, during his Senate race.

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