Progress Florida has launched a petition aimed at state Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, asking him to return $152,000 he received from taxpayers to write a book about the “political history of Florida.”

Haridopolos assured critics that even though he received a large sum of money to write the book, proceeds would go back to Brevard Community College, which gave him the book the deal. However, according to Progress Florida, the book “has sold only 70 copies, with only $487.90 earned for Brevard Community College (as of 6/21.)”

Haridopolos, now a U.S. Senate candidate, wrote a 175-page, double-spaced manuscript for the school. The book, titled Florida Legislative History and Processes, is now being sold for $9.99 per copy as an eBook via

Critics of the book deal are claiming it was only published (exclusively online) once reporters started asking questions about the relatively lucrative arrangement. Critics also claim the book is “sophomoric and unsophisticated,” according to The Tampa Tribune.

The current Progress Florida campaign is asking Haridopolos to return his fee. A petition being sent to him says that he “owes Florida taxpayers $152,000″ and that if Haridopolos is “serious about being an honest public servant, and a good steward of Florida’s tax dollars, [he] should return the $152,000 [he was] paid.”

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