The franchise system gives us the possibility of having our own business with many guarantees. We will be following the same path that other establishments of the brand have taken, thereby increasing the chances of success.

However, this does not mean it is 100% guaranteed.

One of the investor’s first tasks will be to look for the best franchise model based on the moment in time, the place they live, and the budget they have, as well as other relevant factors.

To help you make your decision, we have prepared an article in which we highlight the most interesting models.

Most profitable franchise models for investment

1. New technologies

New technologies

The trend towards mobile telephony, telecommunications, or new technologies in general, has become a trend that continues to grow with each passing year.

These are devices that are already considered indispensable in a consumer’s life.

According to statistics, about 46% of Internet searches are related to business models in this category.

So, we could invest in an Internet telephony or mobile applications company, for example.

2. Laundromats

Did you know that self-service laundromats have an average annual profitability of 20-25%? If we examine this data in relation to other types of businesses, we find that profitability is higher than in most other types.

They are among the best franchises in USA business models and are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Homes are getting smaller and the price of electricity higher. This makes people do the math and realize that it’s actually more cost efficient to wash and dry their own clothes in self-service laundromats.

3. Hotel and restaurant business

hotel and restaurant franchise

It is estimated that in Spain alone there are about 180 operating networks in the hotel and restaurant sector. Within the market itself we can find a wide variety of options ranging from coffee shops, to cocktail bars, specialized restaurants, fast food chains, among other types of related businesses.

As long as a detailed market study is conducted on the location where the business is intended to be set up, the chances of a hotel and restaurant franchise working are quite high. Another important aspect is to have deep insight in every legal aspect of your business, it can save you a lot of money and having a franchise lawyer always pays of down the road.

4. Food & grocery

Similar to the hospitality sector, a high percentage of online searches are related to food and grocery stores. Ultimately, we all need to eat and we are always on the lookout for new places where we will find the best price/quality ratio.

Urban supermarkets have become one of the main players in the franchise system, to the point where there are plenty of possibilities to choose from.

However, given all the competition, it is necessary to determine whether the location where it will be situated is the right one.

5. Fashion and accessories

This is one of the most important franchise models.

They are in the top 5 of the most in-demand franchise sectors. This is because the products offered are very varied, such as handbags, accessories, men’s and women’s fashion, children’s fashion, among othersΒ  at a very reasonable price.

The great advantage of this franchise model is that it can be adapted to all types of consumers (men, women and/or children).

6. Health and Wellbeing

Health related franchises

We are growing increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves and this has increased the investment in products related to Health and Wellness.

Within this sector we also find other related franchises, such as central clinics, physiotherapy centers, opticians, nutrition centers, among a very complete range of businesses.

However, those who want to invest in Health and Wellness franchises must have some training, as only then will they be able to offer the quality and guarantees that customers are looking for.

7. Security measures

Unfortunately, crime levels have skyrocketed in recent years. This has caused our investment in security systems to increase significantly, also increasing the number of openings of related franchises.

These companies offer resources such as armored doors, security bars, and even video surveillance cameras. They are adaptable to private homes, businesses, stores, schools, as well as other types of locations.

You already know the most profitable franchise models on the market. Now it’s time to study their characteristics to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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