Do you like to travel in style?  Maybe you have money to burn and want to make the most of it?  Perhaps you’ve got some new clients you want to impress? Maybe you want to feel like a celebrity for a day?   Whatever your reason for booking a private air charter and checking out Nicholas Air is your sure to find an amazing experience when you fly the private skies.

There are several reasons you might want to consider flying in a private jet and below are some to consider. Do you want to jets top speed?


Flying private is the most convenient way to fly.  You will be able to choose your flight schedule, food and beverage menu, and what or how many passengers are on board.   You can choose your specific destination as well as which airports to land at. Another great thing about flying private is you won’t have to put up with those extremely long and tedious security lines.  

You also won’t have to deal with overcrowding on the plane or those cramped seats most airlines have.  Another great thing about taking a private air charter is that you won’t have any delays that typically come with flying commercial.  One last thing to keep in mind is that you can conduct business meetings with ease on a private charter flight.


Commercial air travel is getting more and more expensive.  Especially if you are flying first or business class. Flying private makes sense when you are traveling with a group because the planes are usually booked on a per plane basis, not per person.  If you own a business and have a group of employees that need to fly somewhere this option may really make sense to you.  Plus your employees will love you for it and want to pay it back tenfold with their performance.


Safety is obviously an extremely important factor in the company you choose.  You should look around and see the safety records of the company. You should also check into the pilots’ records and past performance.  How many hours have they logged? Have they had any incidents in the past? What are their credentials and what was their training?  When you fly commercially you don’t have access to these things but with a private jet, you do if you desire.  And you should desire that.

Multiple or Remote Destinations

Do you have more than one place you need to go?  Maybe you have several?  With a private charter, you will be able to hit a few different places with no problem.  Some destinations aren’t always easy to get to with commercial flights. However, when you go private that is not an issue.  You can basically get door-to-door service when you book a private charter flight.

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