Are you a victim of any kind of personal injury? Someone else could’ve been negligent and injured you or a family member in the process. But choosing a legal representation for your case is not that easy. You won’t want to gamble by picking any personal injury lawyer. You need to select a lawyer with the right principles. But what are some of these principles? Worry less because we have prepared 5 of the most important principles for you. Please read on.

1. Area of Expertise

Just like you cannot go to a dentist for a heart operation despite the fact that a dentist is also a doctor, lawyers also do focus on specific practices. And for your case, you need to select a lawyer who practices in personal injury cases in order to get the best results. There are several law firms where you can find lawyers who focus their practice on personal injury cases such as Derrick Law Firm’s injury lawyers.

2. Proven Success

You need to look for an attorney who has handled similar cases in the past. Find out how many such cases s/he has handled and how they turned out. If the attorney has significant proven success, then the chances of winning your case will also be much higher. But remember, it is not a guarantee that you’ll win the case, only that the odds will be higher.

3. Willingness to Go to Trial

Insurance companies are more likely to approach you with an offer immediately after the accident. In almost all instances, this offer is normally way less than what you would get if the case were to go to trial. Not all lawyers are willing to go to trial and this may not be good for your case. Choosing an attorney who’s not afraid to go to trial, and has, perhaps gone and succeeded will enable you to get the maximum amount out of your claim. The amount you’re rightfully entitled.

4. Payment Method

Will the attorney charge you on hourly basis or contingency? What is the difference between these legal fee arrangements? Well, basically for hourly rates, you’ll pay for the lawyer’s services whether you win or lose your claim. But for the contingency basis, the attorney will not charge you if you lose the case and there’s no verdict. S/he will only charge a percentage (normally between 20%-35%) if you win the claim. For your case, regardless of your lifestyle, selecting a lawyer who charges on contingency will be more convenient.

5. Licensing

You need to find out if the lawyer is licensed to practice in the same state you’re from. Such attorneys are familiar with the personal injury cases in your area and the viable legal steps to follow in each. The chances of losing a case with an unlicensed lawyer are much higher. Why not save yourself the hassle by selecting a licensed attorney?


There are several law firms and personal injury lawyers providing legal practice services from which you’re to choose one. This might not be easy, especially when you do not know the principles to follow during the selection. But not anymore. Apply these principles and rest assured of finding the right attorney to defend your right in court.

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