Did you know that majority of Americans are working from home? If you want to learn how to keep your home office clean, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to prevent germs and keep your home safe.

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1. How to Clean Your Desk Area

How to Clean Your Desk Area

If you need to disinfect and clean your desk area, start with the loose items. Do you use a reusable water bottle or coffee cup? Take them to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher every night.

Use your disinfectant wipes to clean scissors, tape dispensers, and your stapler. Wipe down your most-used pens. You should also wash other accessories on your desk like pen holders or containers.

Disinfect your desk next and prevent germs. Remove items like your phone, office accessories, and computer from the surface.

Wipe down your desk with disinfectant wipes. Wait for it to dry before you place items back.

Clean off dust or crumbs from your computer keyboard. Shake your keyboard over a garbage can.

Clean your keyboard with a few disinfectant wipes and prevent germs. Make sure you carefully clean the spacebar, Enter key, and other frequently used keys.

2. Clean Your Work Phone

You’ll also want to use some disinfectant wipes on your desk phone and prevent germs. Make sure you unplug your phone first. Wipe down the cords, mouthpieces, and buttons.

As an extra precaution, when you use your phone, make sure you sanitize your hands. Clean your office phone daily or right after someone else uses the phone.

3. Doing Laundry

Since you work from home, you’ll want to lower the possibility of COVID-19 spreading. Make sure you clean your work clothes and prevent germs.

When you begin to do laundry, don’t shake the dirty clothes. Use disposable gloves when you handle laundry if someone in your household’s sick.

Use the warmest water setting possible, and make sure to dry clothes well.

Disinfect and clean clothes hampers. Wash your hands with water and soap. Use a hand sanitizer that’s 60 percent alcohol after you handle the dirty laundry.

4. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Sanitize your hands throughout the day and prevent germs. Use hand sanitizer or clean your hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap.

Avoid touching your nose, eyes, or mouth with your hands. If you end up sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose, make sure you wash your hands.

Sanitize your hands after going to the washroom, preparing or eating food, and touching your pets. Make sure you also wash your hands if you’re caring for someone who is sick.

Consider picking up a few containers of hand sanitizer that’s 60 percent alcohol.

5. What About Your HVAC System?

In your home, you will ventilate or filtrate air with an HVAC system. Make sure the HVAC filter is in the right place. You can upgrade your filter to a higher-rated filter.

HVAC systems will filter the air when the fan runs. Run the system fan continuously or for an extended period. Some systems will run the fan even if cooling or heating isn’t taking place.

Air purifiers will lower airborne contaminants like viruses in a home. Open screened doors and windows in your home to improve ventilation.

Use a bathroom fan if the bathroom at home gets used often. If the outdoor air pollution is high, don’t open the windows.

Be careful when using portable fans. Minimize blowing air from one person to another to reduce the spread of airborne viruses.

6. What About Cleaning Electronics?

Now that you’re working from home, you’ll also want to make sure you’re cleaning your electronics often. Check the manufacturer’s guide for cleaning your different electronics.

For touch screens, keyboards, mobile phones, and tablets, put a wipeable cover over them. This will make it easier to disinfect and clean them.

A lot of cleaning products for electronics have alcohol in them, and they will dry fast.

Make sure you’re cleaning your electronics daily. This way, you can prevent germs from spreading in your home.

7. Cleaning Your Carpet and Rugs

Cleaning Your Carpet and Rugs

When you need to clean your rugs or carpets, make sure you disinfect the area and vacuum.

You can clean the surface with water and soap or a specific cleaner. That can prevent germs and keep your home safe.

8. Cleaning Tips

You’ll want to become aware of areas you frequently touch in your home office.

When you clean these areas, try to wipe them down in a single direction. If you wipe in a circular or back-and-forth motion, you’ll end up moving the germs back to their spots.

When cleaning, you can create a diluted bleach solution for different surfaces. You can protect yourself against coronavirus with this household mix.

To create your solution, mix four tablespoons of bleach with a gallon of water.

When cleaning, let the surface remain wet with the cleaning solution for a couple of minutes. This way, you can be sure the germs got killed.

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Prevent Germs at Home With These Tips

We hope this guide on germ prevention was helpful. Now that you know more about how to prevent germs in your home office make a cleaning list.

Tackle areas you handle frequently. Sanitize your hands after sneezing, coughing, or going to the washroom.

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