The modern world provides incredible opportunities to travel almost anywhere in the world. And most people take advantage of this because traveling and exploring the world with family or friends is wonderful. But sometimes it happens that long journeys, especially when you travel by car, cause a lot of inconveniences and tiring.

Prepare For A Long Trip

How to deal with fatigue while traveling and make time in the car more comfortable for passengers and the driver? Let’s find out together!

Choose the right vehicle

Choose the right vehicle

First of all, you should choose the right vehicle before your trip begins. If you realize that your car is not suitable for this or that traveling, you can rent another one which would be more suitable for you. Or you can even take the plane tickets to get to the country you are planning to visit and when you get there you can rent a car. It would help you not to spend days and nights in a car driving to another country. If you are going to visit the UAE we have a perfect option for you. Renting services in Dubai are very available and luxurious. Just imagine: you are in Dubai riding a perfect, expensive carโ€ฆSounds good, doesnโ€™t it? If you agree, rent Ferrari in Dubai and feel all the atmosphere of freedom while traveling. By the way, renting services in Dubai offer a huge range of cars for very affordable prices. Check it out!

Route selection in advance

You must always plan your route, even if it seems to you that you know how to get to one or another distant point. In order to minimize the likelihood of trouble along the way, you can not only plan a route, but also take a navigator and a detailed map with you, it can come in handy in case of unforeseen circumstances. When studying the road, you need to pay attention to detour routes in case of a major accident or repair work that may block the road. In addition, it would be nice if you mark all gas stations on the map and calculate in advance when you need to refuel so that you do not suddenly run out of fuel on the highway. And also it would be nice to have a can of gasoline in the trunk.

How to prepare a car for a long journey

How to prepare a car for a long journey?

Before you go on a long journey by car, you need to check the car up and down:

  • check tires for wear
  • pump them up if necessary;
  • change the oil in the engine;
  • check the oil level in the gearbox;
  • check the brake fluid level;
  • check the brake system;
  • check the headlights and turn signals;
  • if necessary, replace burnt out light bulbs;
  • and also tighten the handbrake, if necessary.

Now that the car is serviceable and ready to go, let’s fill the trunk with the necessary:

  • Pump;
  • warning triangle;
  • motor oil;
  • glass cleaning fluid;
  • set of tools;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • Jack;
  • Compressor;
  • car first aid kit;
  • spare wheel;
  • a canister of gasoline (5โ€“10 liters);
  • cable (for towing).

Safety first

Driving a car is a real responsibility. But when you are driving your family or a group of friends in a car, the responsibility grows several times, so the driver needs to follow a few recommendations. First, sleep. Good sleep is the key to alertness and concentration, which is necessary for safe driving.

Stop every 2-3 hours to give your body and eyes a rest from the constant driving.

Safety first

Be careful with fellow travelers, do not take into the car people in whom you are not sure, people are very different.

Regardless of whether you are a driver or a passenger, it is better to remember these recommendations, because this knowledge may come in handy very soon. Perhaps you will have to tell some inexperienced driver what to check in his car before a long trip or do a full check on the car yourself before going to a distant country house. Remember, there is no useless information!

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