Are you concerned about your skin? If you have trouble with acne, skin irritations, or skin cancer concerns, your best bet is to see a dermatologist.

A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in skin and can assist with just about any skin concerns. However, if you’re visiting for the first time, do you know how to prepare for your dermatologist appointment?

If you’re wondering how to prepare for your appointment, keep reading for five pro tips for making the most of your dermatologist visit.

1. Prepare for a Dermatologist Appointment by Writing down Your Questions

When going to a dermatologist for the first time, it can be nerve-wracking, as you want to get the most out of your appointment. You may have lots of questions about your skin health.

To make sure you get the answers you need, write down the questions you want to ask, or your concerns, so that you can ask them in your appointment. Otherwise, you might risk forgetting in the excitement of your dermatology consultation.

2. Make Notes of All Products and Medications You’re Using

Your dermatologist will need to know what current medicine you’re taking, along with what skincare products are being used. Medicine and cleaning products can impact your skin and its sensitivity to sunlight, so these form part of your dermatologist’s review.

Either take a photo of all medications and products or write down their names, so you can tell your doctor.

Modern dermatology is a constantly-evolving field, and skilled practitioners can tell you how just about any skincare product and the effect it will have on your skin—even if they’re new to the market.

3. Be Aware of Family Skin Cancer History

Are you aware if you have a family history of skin cancer? If so, this is definitely something you need to tell your doctor. Skin cancer has both environmental and genetic factors, so it’s important to know if a family member has had it.

Skin cancer symptoms include dark spots or moles that change in size and color over time, so perform skin cancer checks regularly if you’re at risk.

4. Arrive Make-Up Free

Do you know how to get ready for the dermatologist? The key thing to remember is to arrive without any make-up or beauty products on your skin.

Your doctor will need to analyze your skin in its natural state, so arrive freshly-washed and free from make-up.

5. Check Your Insurance Coverage

Before booking a dermatologist appointment, check with your health insurance company to see if this visit is covered. Depending on your insurance, specialist visits may or may not be covered.

To avoid a shock when it’s time to pay the bill, it’s helpful to know in advance how much of your visit is covered.

Get Ready for the Dermatologist with These Top Tips

A dermatologist appointment can help you with a wide range of skincare issues, acne, rashes, or even suspicious spots and moles. When looking for the Best Dermatologist in Atlanta make sure that not only are they qualified but to check the reviews of previews patients online to get a feel for how they treat patients. You now have many options from in-office consultation to video visits through third party services. Always make sure to research your doctor thoroughly before committing to them for care.

If you’re visiting for the first time, there’s nothing to worry about. They are there to help you, so try not to feel embarrassed or nervous about your skin.

Instead, use the tips above to prepare for your appointment. With professional help, you can ensure your skin looks and feels its best.

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