Do you really know your customers? Could you describe their likes, dislikes, age range, gender, and other defining features? Because if you can, then Youtube ads can transform your marketing strategy.

Using a technique called precision targeting, Youtube ads can pinpoint the people who have already displayed an interest in your products, services, and niches. Below, we discuss in detail the benefits of precision targeting for Youtube.

What Is Precision Targeting?

Precision targeting is the ability to choose who sees your advert, what videos they will see it with, and a host of other options. This allows you to precisely target your audience. Knowing your customer base is essential if you are to get precision targeting right.

It works as it is not a scattergun approach employed in traditional marketing techniques. If you took an advert out in a magazine, perhaps only a small percentage of the people who saw it would have an interest in that product. With precision targeting, you are going directly to the groups who are more likely to engage with your product.

You Can Aim by Demographic

One great benefit of precision targeting for Youtube ads is the ability to instigate a marketing scheme by demographics. This allows a huge depth of flexibility that extends to the age range and gender.

Who you don’t target is just as important as who you do. If you are selling a kitchen product, why would you want your advert displayed on children’s videos?

You Can Use Remarketing

Remarketing options are very effective, as they target people who have already visited your website and expressed an interest. They work with the use of cookies, which tell Youtube what sites the person has visited. If it is yours, they get to see your video.

This is great to remind people of what you have on offer. Many people will not commit to action the first time anyway, so remarketing reminds them of their options.

Keyword Marketing

Keyword marketing works in a very similar way to keyword usage in SEO strategy. If you attach a keyword to your advert on Youtube, it will show on any video related to that topic.

For example, if my keyword was BBQ Grill, any videos about grilling, BBQs, and related topics would be shown in the advertisement. As the person is already displaying an interest in that topic, then they would be more likely to become a conversation and make an action.

Behavioral Interests

This form of precision targeting for Youtube ads uses the power of suggestion. All the groups and advertisements you see based on things you might like are behavioral advertisements.

When you visit different types of websites, Google keeps track and uses algorithms to determine what kind of content you like. If you are visiting websites filled with recipes, they know you like cooking. You can use this to target people who have already shown an interest in your niche or field.

Starting on Youtube!

Youtube precision targeting can be started easily by anyone with a Google account. The beauty is that you do not even have to spend a lot to get started and you can set your budget. This means you can test a few campaigns before beginning a large strategy.

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