In 2018, the global jewelry market was valued at $287.5 billion and was forecast to grow significantly in the following years. It goes to show that no matter where you’re from, everyone appreciates some good jewelry to adorn themselves with!

Didn’t use to wear jewelry but you want to go shopping? Or maybe you’ve been wearing jewelry for years but want some new pieces.

No matter what your situation is, we’ll give you 4 practical tips for jewelry shopping you should keep in mind!

1. Set a Budget First

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If you don’t set a budget first, it’s easy to lose yourself and go crazy when shopping. And your bank account will suffer!

Setting a realistic budget beforehand means it’ll be easier to say no, whether it’s to yourself or a salesperson. For instance, if you’re shopping online and you’ve gone wild putting things in your basket, you’ll know you’ve gone too far when the total is over your set budget. And if you’re in stores and a salesperson shows you a piece that’s too pricey, it’ll be easier to tell them that’s outside of your budget too.

2. Know Your Ring Size

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This isn’t an area where guesses will suffice. Get a ring that’s too big, and it’ll slip off. Get a ring that’s too small, and you can’t even get it on!

In both of the above cases, you’ll have to spend more money (and time) to get your jewelry resized.

While it won’t be super accurate, if you’re shopping online, you can use an online ring sizer. It’s better than nothing!

And if you’re shopping in person, ask the salesperson to size you. They can do it for free!

3. Compare Prices

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When you’re shopping online, it’s easy to see something and want to instantly purchase it. But if you’re not looking at handmade jewelry, then you’ll want to take a step back and compare prices before you bite the bullet.

Chances are, with everyday jewelry, you can find quite a few vendors that offer similar and/or identical pieces. By taking a few extra minutes to browse other online shops, you might be able to get a new bracelet at just a fraction of the price you were about to pay!

4. Cater to the Recipient’s Style and Tastes

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Is the jewelry not for you, but for your loved one? Then keep that in mind.

Just because you find a piece of jewelry amazing doesn’t necessarily mean they will. For example, if you love big and flashy pieces while they like simpler designs, you’ll have a better time buying something off of a site like

Have Fun Jewelry Shopping

Jewelry shopping can be fun and exhilarating, especially if you know how to go into it correctly. Make sure you set a firm budget, know your ring size, compare prices, and keep your recipient’s tastes in mind if you’re buying for someone else. By following all this, you’re sure to be on the right track!

If you need ideas on outfits to wear with your jewelry options, then make sure you read our other articles for some great tips!

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