While there are many facets to ponder when looking for the perfect engagement ring, the cut of the stone can make all the difference. Regardless of the color or clarity of a diamond, the cut of a diamond can alter its sparkle factor and ultimately alter the overall appearance of the diamond. While there are a ton of different beautiful diamond cuts for your bride-to-be, here are five of the most popular cuts for engagement rings today.

1. Round Cut

Round Cut

Starting off the list is one of the most popular diamond shapes among brides on the market today. The universal classic shape of the round cut diamond makes it fashionably versatile and perfect for just about any occasion. Additionally, the round cut diamond has a sparkling effect that is unmatched by any other cut of the diamond. If you are looking for a classic engagement ring with a wow factor, the round cut has an astonishing style your future bride may love.

2. Oval Cut

Oval Cut

This sophisticated diamond cut is another popular shape for engagement rings. Similar to the round cut, the shape of this diamond provides a greater sparkle than most. However, its elongated and abnormal shape provides an air of first-class elegance. Oval engagement rings are both classic and unique, making them the perfect statement piece.

3. Princess Cut

Princess Cut

As the name suggests, this diamond cut is ideal for a princess. Its style is characterized by a face-up shape, complete with square or rectangular sides. While the princess cut still embraces a beautiful style and a brilliant shine, the princess cut is also admired as one of the more cost-efficient diamond cuts. The princess cut doesn’t use as much diamond when cutting the shape. Saving you money that can be used for your big wedding day.

4. Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut

Gaining popularity in the 18th century, this diamond cut is special for a variety of reasons. The cushion-cut gets its name from its pillow-like features, highlighting a square cut in combination with rounded corners. Although this style of diamond has been around for quite some time, the cushion is admired today for having both a vintage style and modern flair.

5. Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut

Our list could not be complete without mentioning the emerald cut diamond. Although this cut has a more understated sparkle than the others, its unique art-deco aesthetic makes them more desirable. The emerald cut diamond is characterized by a rectangular step cut, an open table, and cropped corners. However, these features make this cut more than stylish. The emerald cut shape and design can also be used to elongate the finger and make it appear more slender.


While there are a variety of diamond cuts to choose from, selecting the right engagement ring for your significant other may require a bit of consideration. If you are looking for a classic diamond that will sparkle, consider round or oval engagement rings. There are many places you can visit that have a wonderful selection of oval engagement rings with a variety of styles. However, if you are looking for a more modern style, you may want to consider the unique emerald and cushion cut rings. And if you want to follow an unconventional path, you can try opal rings too.

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