You’re excited to make a name for yourself on the World Wide Web through a brand-new website. But you don’t want to stand out for all the wrong reasons because of your design.

One of the most important choices you’ll have to make when developing your website is the colors you’ll use. How do you go about figuring how to choose colors for your website?

Here’s a rundown on some popular color combinations for a website in 2020.

Let’s get started

The combination of a touch of red, simple gray, and off white is perfect if you are seeking a color combination that will work well with Web pages featuring quite a bit of text. Why? Because these colors allow your text to still be easy to read.

However, this color palette also stands out for being simple and professional.

Instead of using a tone that is pure white, use an off white to blend with your red and gray palette. The red makes your page pop so that it doesn’t look boring — just elegant.

Retro Red and Orange

Retro colors have been making a major comeback this year. Many top brands have decided to use popular 90s and 80s hues on their websites, but with an eye-catching modern twist.

For instance, consider using soft red and orange tones, which have a welcome throwback vibe. These warm colors will make your current and prospective customers nostalgic about their adolescent and childhood years.

A provider of website design services can help you to choose the exact colors you need to bring about this sense of nostalgia immediately.

White Text with Gradient Greens and Blues

Another color combination option for an outstanding website includes the combination of white and shades of both blue and green.

You basically want to take the simple hue of blue and mix it with various tones. When you add color gradients to your site, this easily gives your color palette a simple yet modern appearance.

Earth Tones

Another way to give your website a simple yet attractive design is to utilize earth tones in its color palette. For instance, you could use olive green, dark green, and soft gray.

A background that is soft gray adds a trendy and modern feel to your website. In addition, use dark green text, which will have a strong presence on your pages. Then, use olive green as an accent color in your images.

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