As election day gets closer the race for U.S. Senate between Democrat Kendrick Meek, independent Charlie Crist and Republican Marco Rubio gets tighter.

The Miami Herald‘s Naked Politics reports:

A new poll out from Zogby Interactive shows a tighter race for U.S. Senate than most previous polls with Republican Marco Rubio 39.6 percent, NPA Charlie Crist at 33.3 percent and Democrat Kendrick Meek at 18.1 percent. Undecideds remain at 8.7 percent. The poll was conducted Oct. 18 – Oct. 21.

The poll continues to show that Crist’s strength remains with independent and no-party affiliated voters: 39.4 percent of Democrats aligning with Meek and 38.2 percent with Crist. Meanwhile, independents favor Crist 47.5 percent over Rubio’s 30.2 percent. While Rubio owns the Republican vote with 76 percent to Crist’s 19.1 percent.

Those numbers also explain the regional breakdown where Rubio leads in South Florida by 36.5 percent to Crist’s 33.6 percent and Meek has 19.1 percent. In the Central Florida battleground, Rubio’s lead is larger with 41.8 percent compared to Crist’s 35.4 percent and Meek’s 16.2 percent.

Last week a Rasmussen statewide telephone survey of 750 likely voters in Florida conducted on Oct. 18 showed

Rubio picking up 43% of the vote, while Republican Governor Charlie Crist who is running as an independent captures 32%. Democrat Kendrick Meek remains in third place with 20% of the vote.

Last week [October 8], Rubio held a 50% to 25% edge over Crist, his best showing in the race to date. Prior to that time, Rubio has led the race in every survey since July, with his support steadily rising from the mid-30s to the low 40s. During that same period, Crist received 30% to 34% of the vote. Support for Meek, a U.S. congressman since 2003, has climbed from 15% to 23% in those surveys.

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