A new Washington Post/ABC News poll found strong public support for most of the elements of President Obama’s compromise deal with Republicans that would extend the Bush tax cuts and federal unemployment benefits — particularly the unemployment extension, which was favored by more than a 2-1 margin.

The Hill reports:

Nearly 70 percent of those asked in a recent poll back a bipartisan tax compromise that is set for its first vote Monday afternoon on the Senate floor.

Of the four major elements in the package, a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits received the most support (72 percent) while a proposed two-percentage-point payroll tax cut was the only component that didn’t receive majority support (39%), according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday.

Even when the $858 billion cost of the package is mentioned, 62 percent still support the legislation, according to the poll.

The strong support for an unemployment extension is one reason why some Democrats have criticized President Obama for not pushing for a more favorable deal with the Republicans. Those critics think the president should have dared the GOP to go against such strong public opinion by scuttling the unemployment extension.

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