You may have heard that plush beds are bad for you, but the truth is everyone has different needs when it comes to sleep. Whether you’re a side sleeper or you prefer to sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night, there is a mattress for all.

So plush vs firm mattress – which one is better?

Well, there’s really no definitive answer here as what’s comfortable for you might be a bad night’s sleep for someone else. More than 90% of people emphasize the importance of a good mattress for quality sleep, so it’s a purchase you want to get right.

To help you decide on which is the best mattress, here is a quick guide on how to choose a mattress.

Pros and Cons of a Firm Mattress

Purple Mattress

Composed of thinner layers for support, a firm mattress is harder in comparison to a plush mattress. It may not sound as cozy, but in fact, these mattresses can be a much better option for back sleepers.

If you find yourself constantly sinking too deep into the mattress, then consider opting for this type of mattress. This is especially important for keeping your spine straight or aligned, which can help to minimize pain in the back and sleeping in an unhealthy posture.

Generally, firm mattresses are perfect for heavier individuals or people that like to sleep on their back and stomachs.

Pros and Cons of a Plush Mattress

Hybrid Mattress

Plush mattresses have soft, thick, and luxurious feeling layers. For many, the squishy feel of a plush mattress is simply irresistible, but who is this type of mattress best for?

If you enjoy sleeping on your side, then you’ll want some extra support and cushioning. A plush mattress is excellent for providing comfort and relieving pressure on places like the shoulders and spine for side sleepers.

Keeping the spine aligned is another benefit of sleeping on a plush mattress. People that suffer from aches and pains in their joints and muscles will find that a plush mattress can help give them some relief.

Although a plush mattress has many positives, if you’re on the heavier side, then you may find yourself sinking too much into the softness of this type of mattress. Softer mattresses like the plush ones are best for people that weigh less than 130 pounds.

Plush vs Firm Mattress

Futon Mattress

It can be difficult to decide on how firm you need a mattress, but knowing what type of sleeper you are can help. There is truly no ultimate best when it comes to choosing between a plush vs firm mattress. However, it is important to take your time as you’ll be spending a large amount of time sleeping on it.

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