Across the millennia, human beings have tried to find ways to improve their appearance. With the technology of modern science, many powerful procedures have been created that allow people to dramatically change how they look. Today, the market in the United States alone for plastic surgeons is worth more than $20 billion every single year!

Many people do not understand the differences between plastic surgery vs. cosmetic surgery. However, they are different industries with important distinctions that make one or the other the right choice for some patients versus others.

So which option might be the right choice for you? Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about these types of surgery and the different advantages they provide!

What Is Plastic Surgery?

What Is Plastic Surgery

Any good plastic surgery guide will explain that it is an overarching term. That means it is very general and includes many different sub-components. Some people contrast cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

It is more accurate to say that plastic surgery is a more general term. It encompasses both cosmetic surgery as well as many other practices.

In particular, plastic surgery is not always about simply improving appearance. Plastic surgery can be used to reconstruct damaged or injured body parts.

People who have been in serious car accidents sometimes have to get many types of plastic surgery. These operations help restore them as close as possible to their original appearance.

On the other hand, there are plenty of plastic surgery procedures that help people go from their usual appearance to an appearance that they prefer. Some of the most famous plastic surgery procedures include breast implants and nose reconstruction.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

In contrast to plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery is a fairly narrow field. It is designed only to enhance the appearance of the body.

Cosmetic surgery has many different strategies. You might try to improve appearance by making the face look more symmetrical.

Alternatively, some people go so far as to use cosmetic surgery procedures to implant artificial muscles in their body. These can give them the appearance of muscular development without developing their muscles.

Because cosmetic surgery is so focused, cosmetic surgeons spend a lot more time learning about aesthetics and beauty. Although these things are also relevant to plastic surgery, they are not the main focus.

Similarities Between Them

You can see how the two different focuses of these types of surgery can often end up leading them to perform very similar surgeries. One woman might get breast reconstruction from a plastic surgeon because she has suffered a terrible car accident.

Another woman might be in good health. But she may go to a cosmetic surgeon for breast enhancement surgery.

These surgeries happen for different reasons and have different focuses. But once the patients are on the operating table, the actual process will look pretty similar.

In both cases, the patient will receive sedation. Then the surgeon will perform careful incisions around the breasts. They will then continue with some kind of rearrangement of the existing breast tissue. They may also add artificial tissue in the form of implants.

Differences Between Them

Differences Between Them

As we have already discussed, plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons focus on different things. On top of that, many types of insurance will cover plastic surgery but not cosmetic surgery.

The insurance companies reason that it makes sense to help people maintain their regular health and appearance. But they reason it does not make sense for them to cover the cost of enhancing their appearance simply for cosmetic reasons.

Practically speaking, that means that cosmetic surgery is a lot more expensive. Of course, it is also generally optional.

In contrast, someone might receive plastic surgery on the urgent recommendation of a doctor. And there is a much higher chance that their insurance will cover the cost.

On top of that, plastic and cosmetic surgeons receive different training and certifications. To become a plastic surgeon is relatively simple. You attend medical school and then receive your residency training in the industry.

In contrast, cosmetic surgeons need to combine that with an extra certification. They also receive extra cosmetic training. Depending on which part of the cosmetic surgery industry they are part of, they also have to receive special training and certifications for maxillofacial surgery.

How to Find a Great Surgeon

When you are choosing between your options for plastic or cosmetic surgeons, it helps to consider your options. The more recommendations you consider, the more likely you are to find a stellar surgeon.

It can also help to review the ratings and reviews that each surgeon receives in the course of their work. This can help you choose between your many options.

On top of that, you want to ask each potential surgeon or their office about the experience each surgeon has. You want them to have as much experience as possible performing procedures similar to your own.

Find a Great Surgeon

Understand the Differences Between Plastic Surgery vs. Cosmetic Surgery

We hope learning about the differences between plastic surgery vs. cosmetic surgery has been helpful for you. Many people do not appreciate the distinctions between these categories and assume that they are equally risky and expensive. Understanding more about them can help you realize which option is the best choice for you.

That makes learning more about what both plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery can do for you an investment. The time you spent studying more about them will pay off in the long run. To learn more about how to manage your health and beauty, check out our other articles. You will find tons of articles on the most popular implants for men & women too.

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