Going to the dentist is one of those things that you affirm you should do, but you still don’t want to do it. There’s plenty of reasons you can speculate on that explain why people don’t like to visit the dentist.

The most common reasons are because it hurts, it’s scary, and it’s expensive. Depending on your oral health and the shape that your teeth are in, will determined how much it hurts, how scary it is, and how expensive it is.

Now, some dentists are very expensive, but usually those are the specialty dentists that only do things like cosmetic work or dental surgeons. But, we’re talking about your average local dentist that you should be visiting at least twice a year.

Why Do I Even Need to Go to the Dentist?

Around the world, it’s not that important to visit the dentist, but in the U.S, it is normal. Having issues with your teeth or gums can actually cause serious problems if you don’t treat them and especially if you wait until it gets really bad.

When you go in for a normal cleaning and exam, the dentist makes sure that there aren’t any issues like cavities, gum cancer, and a lot more. There are small things a dentist could notice that you wouldn’t, and if they were to find it, they could save you a lot of pain, discomfort, and money.

The problem isn’t necessarily that you don’t want to go the dentist, it’s that you might not have a dentist that you trust. It’s not just the dentist either. It’s also the dental assistants that usually do the teeth cleaning, which is the part the hurts. The dentist is the one that comes in after the cleaning and does the oral exam.

An easy way to know if you can trust the people at the dental office is to look at their Google reviews. Keep in mind, that you’ll usually get a few bad apples, but if a dentist has over 100 reviews and it’s over 4 stars, then you can’t go wrong there.

You can also look at their website, and see if there are any other certificates or badges they’ve received from other companies that reward them for outstanding customer service. One of those, is opencare.com.

Best Dentist in South Florida

A good example of a dentist you can trust is Dr. Freddy Vallejo DDS, who is the dentist and owner of WholeLife Dentistry by Dr. Vallejo. The office is located in Plantation, FL, but if you live in South Florida, it’s worth taking the drive.

If you look at some of their Google reviews, you’ll see that there’s patients from Miami, who drive an hour or so to visit Dr. Vallejo’s office. When you find a dentist that you can trust and that you know does a great job, it’s worth the peace of mind to take the extra drive.

What separates them isn’t necessarily the work they do. It’s the customer service. They don’t have a huge corporate office or managers that are doing sales training. What Dr. Vallejo did, is he found like-minded people who are professionals, but that have a positive attitude.

Everyone in the office from the dentists, to the assistants, and the front desk, are all equally friendly and professional. It feels like you’re a part of their family when you visit. They don’t just ask you about how your family is to be nice.

It seems like they really do care, because when you come back, they’ll remember almost everything you’ve told them, and they’ll ask you about it. That’s the extra level of trust you gain with them. You know that they have your best interest in mind because they know you’re gonna come back, and they know your family.

So, if you live anywhere near Plantation, then you might want to give their office a try on your next teeth cleaning.

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