Did you know travel can boost your health? If you want to plan a Disney vacation, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to plan a Disney trip.

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Where Will You Stay?

When you head to Disney, you’ll need to decide on your accommodation. Budget in your room expenses and include the taxes and extra fees.

Do you want to stay off the property or on Disney property? That decision will affect other areas of your budget. You’ll need to consider ground transportation and parking fees at the different parks.

If you stay on the property, decide what resort you’d prefer. Disney has three resort categories: deluxe, moderate, and value.

Look into staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort. Learn more about DVC rental pricing.

Cost of Transportation

How will you get to Disney World and commute around while visiting? Are you close enough that you could make the drive? Or will you book plane tickets?

Consider the costs of vehicle maintenance, tolls, and gas. You’ll need to spend money on snacks and meals while driving and hotel accommodation.

If you take a plane to Disney, you’ll need to cover airfare for each family member. You’ll also need to cover the airport or hotel parking fees. Factor in the cost of snacks and meals as you travel.

When you arrive at Disney, you’ll have to rent a vehicle or look for a shuttle or taxi. Do you need to rent a stroller? Some people rent a golf cart when they stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground.

If you’re staying at a resort, you could get free transportation from the airport. After you’ve decided on your lodging, you’ll want to choose your ground transportation at Disney.

Staying at a Disney property could include some savings. The Magical Express Service will transport you to and from Disney World free of charge.

You can use Disney transportation once you’ve arrived at the property.

Park Ticket Admissions

When you plan for your trip, you’ll need to budget in the park tickets. How many days do you plan to go to the parks?

You might not plan to go to a park every day during your vacation. Some people will decide to add the Park Hopper option.

If you go to Disney a lot with your family, you might want to look into getting an annual pass.

Visiting Disney During a Holiday

Disney celebrates the holidays with unique parades. Characters will get dressed up in festive costumes. Fireworks tend to get scheduled earlier in the evening.

During the holidays, you’ll also get to enjoy different specialty foods.

Check out Disney Springs

Enjoy visiting the entertainment district at Disney. Disney Springs is an excellent spot for shopping, entertainment, and different dining options.

There isn’t only Disney themed shopping and dining. But you will get to go to the world’s largest Disney store, the World of Disney.

You can listen to some music at the House of Blues or enjoy the Irish Pub, Raglan Road. Some people enjoy going bowling at Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

There isn’t an entrance fee to Disney Springs.

Where Will You Eat?

If you stay at a Disney property, consider buying the Disney Dining Plan. If you don’t choose the dining plan, you’ll need to budget in your meals during your trip.

You can pick from two kinds of meals at Disney. Enjoy table service and a sit-down meal or counter service.

Plan on a counter service meal to cost around 15 dollars per person. Not all the meals will come with extras and fries. Bring some drinks of your own.

Check the Disney website to get prices for the on-site restaurants. Table service meal prices will vary. Research first and decide what restaurants you would like to visit.

Photographs and Souvenirs

When you go on your trip, you’ll want to budget some money for photo packages and souvenirs.

Is it your first trip to Disney World? Consider adding extra money to your budget for souvenirs. You may want to get various toys, pins, or clothing.

Think about if you’d like to take advantage of the memory maker photopass package. For one fee, you can download all the photographs taken by Disney’s photographers.

If you buy this ahead of time, you can save some money. During your vacation, you can buy the package at any point. If you don’t want the entire package, you could also download photos for a fee.

Deciding on Packages

Disney offers special room packages that include park admission, dining plan, and lodging. Save money by buying these room packages.

Packages will save you money, but you want to make sure it includes things you can use. If you buy an annual pass, you’ll want to take advantage of the discounts.

Go on a Tour

Disney has many tours available for guests. You can learn more about Disney on the Magic Behind Our Steam Train Tour. If you’re an animal lover, check out the Wild Africa Trek Tour.

Check out the five-hour walking tour of Keys to the Kingdom.

Now You Know How to Plan Your Disney Vacation

We hope this guide on a Disney World vacation was helpful. Have fun planning your Disney vacation. Decide on your budget and if it makes sense to stay on the property or buy a package.

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