A wedding ring isn’t as simple as picking out a gold band and being done with it. A wedding ring has to be an enduring piece of jewelry and it needs to be chosen with care and thought. Here’s how you can decide:

  1. Start early- don’t leave ring buying to the last minute. Give yourself at least a few months- 2 to 3 months to choose your wedding band. If you need something engraved, it may take close to four weeks. So, start early and give yourself enough time to find the best ring for you.
  2. Do your research- go online and you’ll see tons and tons of websites devoted to the simple idea of buying a wedding ring. Get advice from the experts, listen in on the forums and learn as much as you can about the whys and hows of wedding rings.  Some of the biggest jewelry companies and certifying institutions have content-filled websites. A visit to these will be beneficial.
  3. Get your monies straight- the old story is that you should spend three months’ salary on the engagement ring. Today, it’s more like three weeks’ pay. The wedding ring could cost the same or less, depending on the metal and if you want a stone set in it. You must have a budget in mind as you proceed down this path.  Hand carved engraving can raise the amount you spend. Most times, people spend about 3-4 % of their total wedding budget on rings. Keep your budget in place as you make your decisions and narrow down your choices.
  4. Think about the important question- most women wear their engagement and wedding rings together. A man wears his wedding band or may choose not to. Think about the engagement ring design as you consider wedding ring choices. Will the ring go with the existing engagement ring? Do you want to try the same material or something different for variety? Consider the harmony between the bands before you decide.
  5. What’s your lifestyle like- unlike a brooch or a tiara, people rarely take off their wedding ring. This means it needs to tie into their lifestyle seamlessly. If the wearer leads an active life, lots of gym and outdoor activities, maybe they work in an industry that requires them to use their hands- baking, metal work,  etc., then a ring that has a smooth appearance will make more sense. No grooves, elaborate engravings and stones because they can trap dirt, debris, work materials and what have you. If your spouse and you are very active, then platinum is the metal for you.  It’s super tough and lasts for a long time.
  6. Maintenance matters- like lifestyle, maintenance is of importance too. Most rings can do with a soak in warm lightly soaped water. If there’s a stone set in the ring, then a light brushing may be in order too. If there are multiple stones then the upkeep increases. How much time and effort are you willing to put in for the ring? The non-fussiest metal is undoubtedly gold. Keep your wedding ring design in mind using the maintenance idea as well.
  7. Style is key- what kind of style do you want your ring to have? Yes, trendy works for the moment and it’s nice to flaunt a ring that’s contemporary and chic. But what of the ring in ten years’ time? It may not be as lovely as you thought it would be. So think long term. Consider what is timeless – a braided gold design is, as is a plain wedding band. You could also consider a platinum band with a diamond in the center. What’s more, you always have a chance to redo the ring if you decide to a few years down the line.
  8. Sizing questions- ideally, if your partner can accompany you during this shopping trip it works great.  If not, you’ll need to borrow a ring or draw the size of the ring on paper and carry it with you. Make sure you try on a ring for size at the right time- extreme weather can cause your fingers to swell or shrink, gym workouts cause swelling, and early in the morning can mean a bigger size- water retention is a worry. Do keep in mind that the ring is a constant companion through everything- illness, child birth, weather, etc. So spend some time and get the size right.
  9. Quality certification- you need to ensure that the wedding ring also carries the right certification. Trademark and quality is what you’re looking for. This will guarantee the authenticity of the ring.

Make sure your ring is well designed and if it has stones, it should be secure in its setting. A wedding ring is a gift that needs to last and to stand the test of time. Make sure you take your time and get the right one.  For more helpful tips, tricks and lifehacks visit FloridaIndependent.com

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