Planning a bachelor party?

You’ll want to make it a night to remember. After all, a third of people literally go into debt for the sole purpose of attending these kinds of events!

With lots of money on the line, there’s pressure on your shoulders to throw the best bachelor party possible. Our recommendation?

Go to Vegas.

A Las Vegas bachelor party is the ultimate way to celebrate a friend getting married. Partying in Las Vegas is renowned for its debauchery, excess, and extravagance!

In other words, it’s the ideal bachelor party destination.

But there’s a lot to think about too. Without prior preparation and forethought, a night in Vegas can quickly get out of hand. We want you to have the best time possible, with none of the trouble.

Sound good? Read on to learn how to throw the ultimate bachelor party in Las Vegas.

The Dos

Here are five things to do to ensure you have a quality day/night.

1. Run The Invite List By The Bachelor

We know, we know.

You’re meant to be planning a bachelor party for your pal. It’s your job to throw him the best night possible! It’s often better when everything’s a surprise.

But that isn’t always the case with Vegas. Inviting the wrong people can cause all sorts of issues. They get too intoxicated, are (overly) obnoxious, and generally detract from the event.

Ask the bachelor who they want to invite. With their go-ahead, you know the invite list’s approved.

2. Set Up A Group Chat

We’re assuming that most people attending the bachelor party will have a smartphone.

If that’s the case, then try to set up a group chat with everybody who’s coming. There might be people from various parts of the bachelor’s life. Many of them may never have met before, making contact impossible.

Having a group chat means everybody can stay in touch on the night. People are less likely to get lost; any problems that do occur can be sorted out more easily.

3. Think About Dress Codes

Vegas bachelor parties are nothing new.

Groups of people flock to it for this purpose every year. The bars, clubs, and restaurants know what to expect. But you might not.

That can be an issue in terms of dress codes. You might have got everybody matching (and outlandish) outfits to wear on the night. Unfortunately, many venues have strict dress codes that will prevent you from entering.

Don’t let your plans get disrupted! Be sure to check the dress code for any venue you want to attend ahead of time.

4. Compare Table Service Costs

Calling the venues about their dress code requirements?

Well, ask about their table service charges while they’re on the phone too.

You might expect it to be overpriced for what you get. However, without table service, you’ll be paying cover charges, queueing up for drinks at the bar, and so on. In terms of time and money, table service can work out better.

We think it’s worth asking about at the very least.

5. Be Wary Of Room Service

We’ve noted already how expensive bachelor parties can be.

But Vegas bachelor parties can hit another level altogether! Got a budget to stick to? It’s worth taking steps to minimize costs where possible.

Room service at your hotel is one area that can sting. Everything from drinks at the minibar to ordering snacks and hangover cures can leave you with a hefty bill. Make use of the grocery and liquor stores instead.

They’re not far from the strip. Pay them a visit before the day kicks off to stock up on supplies. You’ll save yourself a bunch of cash in the process.

The Don’ts

Here are five things NOT to do in order to ensure you have a quality day/night!

1. Don’t Plan Too Much!

You might have grand plans for this Vegas bachelor party.

You want it to be epic – a true send off for your best bud.

Try not to get ahead of yourself though. It’s easy to get too excited and plan too many activities for the day. The result? You end up rushed, tired, agitated and struggling with money!

Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. Most bachelor parties in Vegas include a nice meal, following by a nightclub, before stumbling into a strip club (or getting strippers for hire).

2. Don’t Plan Too Rigorously

Likewise, don’t be too strict with your planning.

It’s good to have an idea of what you’re doing. And it’s true that you’ll have to book some things up in advance (like your table at a restaurant, special transport around the strip, and so on).

All the same, it’s worth leaving some flexibility for change. Who knows where the night might lead you? It’s a recipe for making memories.

3. Don’t Get Too Wasted

Bachelor parties have a reputation for being raucous affairs.

And we’re all for it.

But try to remain somewhat in control of yourselves! Remember, you’re not the only people trying to have a good time. A big group of guys getting too wasted usually spells trouble of some kind.

Try to respect others on the strip as you move around it.

4. Don’t Bother With Guest Lists

Here’s a quick one:

Don’t worry about signing up for guestlists in advance. Remember, you’re a big group of guys! Whether you’re on the list or not, you won’t be getting in without a group of girls with you.

5. Don’t Let Too Many People Plan

And, finally, limit the ‘event planners’ to one or two people.

Too many cooks spoil the broth, right?

Charging too many people with planning will cause disagreements. Let a few of you figure out dates, times, and logistics. From there, get everybody else’s two-cents.

Time To Plan Your Vegas Bachelor Party

There ain’t no bachelor party like a Las Vegas bachelor party.

Hopefully, this post will help you plan the best one possible.

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