If you’re searching for warm weather and an even warmer welcome, then Tampa should certainly be on your “must-visit” list. Situated on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Tampa gets the best of everything from balmy, subtropical weather, to a rich and influential Cuban and Spanish culture and not forgetting its part in American history. A great food scene, world-famous theme parks, this beautiful city is a melting pot of tourist attractions and natural beauty.

So, if you’re planning on visiting Tampa you’re certainly guaranteed a good time, however, there are some things all visitors should take into consideration before they visit.

Let’s take a look at them here

Driving can be dangerous

Just like any major city, Tampa has congested roads. This means drivers can be irate and the entire experience, frustrating, to say the least. Floridian drivers are often ranked as some of the worst drivers in the whole of the US! This can make driving pretty interesting for visitors, who’ll need to exercise caution and a huge amount of patience if they want to reach their destination safely. If you’ve been in a car accident that could have been avoided find out more from a Tampa based personal injury lawyer, now.

Take sun safety seriously

You’ll notice that everyone in this sun-kissed city has a healthy glow about them. And that’s because Tampa is situated close to the equator and is renowned for its subtropical climate. Ideal if you want to top up your tan as quickly as possible, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. Whilst visiting Tampa, make sure you and your party take sun safety seriously.

That means drinking plenty of water, keeping your head cool, wearing a sunblock with a high SPF factor, shielding your eyes with UV protection sunglasses and sticking to the shade as much as possible. Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach, or walking through the USF Botanical Gardens, keep yourself safe.

Be wary of swimming

As mentioned above, it gets pretty hot in Tampa, and hitting the water is the best way to cool off. However, exercise caution. Florida is home to millions of alligators and they can show up anywhere! Although attacks are rare, only ever swim in water that is marked safe, or where there’s a lifeguard on duty.


Don’t visit Tampa without bringing along your trusty mosquito spray. You’re going to need it. Again, the subtropical temperature and hot, sweltering environment make Florida, in general, a haven for insects of all sizes. Yes – even the big ones! Be wary of biting midges, sand flies, red fire ants, ticks, mosquitos, bees and wasps, all of which have a nasty sting or bite.

And finally, the weather

Sweltering temperatures, yes. But a visit to Tampa isn’t all about sunshine. During certain times of the year, you can expect sudden downpours as the heavens open, wild lighting storms that could pose a threat to life, and even high winds. Always check the weather forecast before you head out for the day and listen to the advice of locals!

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