According to a recent article from National Journal, Planned Parenthood has recently won three court battles against state-level efforts to restrict access to abortion and to defund the chain of women’s clinics. It also looks like the organization is set to win four more legal challenges.

National Journal reports:

In the last week, Planned Parenthood won separate legal victories in three states at the forefront of the battle: Indiana, Kansas, and South Dakota. The victories suggest that some of the new state laws may be backfiring in court. But other challenges are on the horizon.

Indiana’s Planned Parenthood, after having to temporarily close its doors to thousands of patients, was recently able to reopen for Medicaid beneficiaries. U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood this past week over Indiana’s new law aimed at defunding the women’s health centers.

Planned Parenthood was also the only clinic in Kansas that received a state-issued license to provide abortions in the state. While the new “TRAP” laws are currently under legal challenge, too, Planned Parenthood was able to circumvent efforts by the state to shut them down.

In South Dakota, Planned Parenthood won a court challenge to a law that would require women to wait three days before getting an abortion — as well as require women to visit a crisis pregnancy center. Such centers aim to persuade women to not have an abortion. Planned Parenthood fought this law on the basis that it infringes upon a woman’s constitutional free speech rights.

National Journal reports that there are other legal challenges on the horizon for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthoods in New Jersey, Kansas, North Carolina and Wisconsin are all currently fighting defunding campaigns.

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