Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast have lost thousands of dollars for teen sexual health programs servicing young people in Palm Beach County this year. About 200 fewer teens will be served in the region if the organization does not receive enough outside donations to recoup this yearโ€™s losses. The programs include one-on-one sex education, birth control services, and STD testing and treatment for teens.

Judith Selzer, a spokeswoman for the Planned Parenthood affiliate, tells The Florida Independent the group lost about $8,000 for the teen health programs. The organization is sub-contracted with the Palm Beach County Health Department to provide sexual health services to teens. However, because state legislators cut almost $1 million from family planning aid to local governments this past session, the Palm Beach County Health Department also had to cut money from its budget.

Selzer says that cutting family planning and unintended pregnancy prevention programs harms communities in the long run. However, family planning has fallen victim to budget cuts for the past couple of years in the state of Florida.

โ€œThis eventually adds another cost for the state,โ€ she says.

In the past two years, alone family planning aid to local governments has been cut by more than $1 million in Florida.

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