For sure, Atlanta is a beautiful commercial hub, visited by hundreds of people every year. This place in the US has some of the most scenic green and entertainment venues. Places like Piedmont Park, Fox Theater, and Buckhead are the ones for which Atlanta is famous. Yet, there are other fun things to do in Atlanta that you must know about. To help you with that, we have prepared a list of places you must consider visiting during your vacations.

1. Atlanta History Center

Amidst the historic gardens and miles of trails, you will find the Atlanta History Center. By visiting here, you can explore Georgia’s past and the great culture of Native Americans. Moreover, along with the museum, there is the Swan House. Built in 1928, Swan House is a restored estate surrounded by plants native to Georgia. You will witness that every room has its own swan motif that adds a beautiful texture to the place.

Sawn House serves as the most visited venture in Atlanta due to its mesmerizing views. Among all, you don’t want to miss a tour of Margaret Mitchell House. Besides that, you must also visit the plantation surrounding the Smith Family park. It is a place where people prefer spending evenings and enjoy the calm surrounding. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The timings are the same for all days except with reduced timings on Sundays.

2. Piedmont Park

Next to the Botanical Garden, there is a perfect place to spend a lovely afternoon with your family. Piedmont Park is a 200 plus acres place that is full of exciting things to do. There are tons of facilities that you can enjoy while being there. From swimming, jogging, shopping to festivals, there are many things you can enjoy here.

Additionally, there are playgrounds for children where they can enjoy doing physical activities. A variety of festivals are also arranged to amuse the adults. The Atlanta Jazz festival and the Dogwood festival are the most renowned ones of all. The good thing about these festivals is they are a complete fun-package for the adults. According to many visitors, this place is among the best parks you can find in the state. You can find countless fun things to in Atlanta if you are planning to visit Piedmont Park.

3. Β  The Atlanta BeltLine

If you are an adventure lover, then for sure, The Atlanta beltline is a place for you. There are miles of trails for biking and driving your car. The park extends to almost 2000 acres, where people enjoy being in the middle of seven parks and five trials. Some part of the park is under construction. But still, there is enough space available where you can enjoy the thrill you are looking for.

The park is an excellent fit for skateboarders of all abilities. It offers obstacles for skateboarders where they enjoy performing various tricks and activities. Moreover, if you are a tennis or golf lover, don’t worry, they have all covered. Apart from that, the park also hosts music events, festivals, and free fitness classes. Such activities are the ones that adults find entertaining and exciting.

4. Β  Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

The park is the most significant figure of Atlanta and a place with a vast historical connection. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park is the place where the king was born and raised. He was the leader of civil rights and has served the region with dignity and honesty. From here, a route connects that leads you to Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the king was once a pastor. The site is full of historic and engaging exhibits that can give you goosebumps.

These two sites, along with other landmarks, are among the most visited sites in Atlanta. If you plan to visit these national historical sites, always take a tour guide along with you. In this way, you will be able to grasp the knowledge associated with these places. The good thing about them is they are not crowded, and you can errand without any hassle. The pace is open to visiting round the year from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except major public holidays.

5. Oakland Cemetery

The Oakland Cemetery serves as the symbol that reminds us about the Civil war. Spanning 48 acres, the Cemetery is less than 2 miles from downtown Atlanta. The place allows you to witness intricate sculptures and impressive architecture. There is a long path, surrounded both sides with large and bushy trees that can give you chills.

You might be a bit skeptical about this place, but nothing can stop you from exploring more once you are there. There are over 70,000 graves, amongst which you will also find the names of famous authors and writers. Once you are there, don’t forget to visit the Confederate Memorial section. This particular site has one of the most historical carvings and impressive memorials. If you plan to visit The Oakland Cemetery, you must have a map to avoid getting distracted.

6. Centennial Olympic Park

Located near the College Football Hall of Fame is the Centennial Olympic Park. The park features scenic paths of grass, pools, artwork, and artsy fountains. The land is spread over 21 acres and exhibits some of the most exciting things you will find in Atlanta. The site is famous for its unique design and was the centerpiece of Olympic festivals. Centennial Olympic Park is now among the most visited places in Atlanta. Most of the visitors visit this place to admire the Fountain of Rings. It is the most well-known element of the park. The Fountain comprises almost 251, which altogether perform various movements. The site is free to visit, and the tickets are available on their official website.


There are still a lot of exciting places in Atlanta that are not mentioned here. But, these places can help you extract the real essence of your visit to Atlanta. Always try to have a guide along with you or follow a map when visiting new sites. by opting for such strategies, you avoid getting distracted or lost.

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