Opals haven’t always been well received, and in fact, they were considered as ‘bad luck’ stones at one time. pink opal meaning is weird stones really as some are worth thousands of dollars while others are worth virtually nothing. 

The opal is comprised of silica spheres and there are spaces or gaps between these spheres which carry a silica solution. The light passing through these spheres hits the solution of silica and is diffracted, and this is what creates all those different rainbow colors. 

People looking at the opal with interest will notice that there are light opals that make up most of the opals that are mined. The brightness of a pink opal meaning counts towards its value.

A dull stone with lots of flashing colors might not command the same value as an opal with brilliance. Light opal is far more desirable if it is transparent with vibrant colors. 

Natural pink opals are nicknamed ‘the pink Andes opals’ and the soft pinks are looked upon as being an eco-friendly option as an alternative to conch pearls as well as pink coral. 

Peru is one of the major producers of this opal variety and pink opal meaning sometimes the stones are carved into beads and other gems. You’ll see with pink opals that there are swirls of white in the stones and these inclusions give the opals a mysterious look. 

Mining Opals

Opal is one of the few minerals which is able to be extracted economically by somebody who even works on their own as a miner. The simplest form of mining is by shaft sinking. The shaft is sunk straight down until opal dirt is discovered.

The miner would then follow the level of opal. Driving along the level is carried out with picks and sometimes explosives. The opal is then carefully extracted. 

Most shafts are sunk by Calweld-type drills. Of course, sinking a hole in an opal country doesn’t offer absolute assurance of finding opals. The miner has to locate a seam of gray ‘potch’ in hopes that the potch will take on the qualities of gem opal and Chakra healing for balancing body and mind.

With opal mining, there has been an increase in the use of mining machines to streamline opal mining and increase productivity. Miners soon discovered the benefits of technology although sometimes there are still times when mining ends in disappointment.

In Queensland, most mines work as large open-cut operations. Boulders are removed from the ground for processing. Shafts are sunk until a prospective layer is intersected.

The layer is explored and mostly 2 shafts are sunk. Exploration companies are applying more extensive exploration techniques in the search for new deposits.

Different Kinds Of Opal 

Opal always exhibits what is known as a play of color which is brought about by the diffraction of white light through a microstructure of spheres of silica. 

The variety of natural opal is vast and varied and determined by characteristics such as body tone and transparency. There are many different types of natural opals and in all the rainbow colors.

pink opal meaning

There is the black opal, white opal, crystal-, fire, water, and others. All the different varieties have been synthesized experimentally and commercially. 

Is Pink Opal Rare? 

The Mexican pink opal is very rare and you’ll only find it in a few places. Pink opal healing properties are considered stable and it is relatively rare and can be found in Australia and the Andes Mountains. pink opal is a variety of Common Opals that are more opaque.

This means they don’t carry that opal fire that other opals are known for. 

What Is The Rarest Opal Color? 

Opals possess all the colors of the rainbow with light that hits the spheres and bounces off at different angles creating the dazzling lights that give opals their unique look. They even include lots of colors on the same stone.

Red is thought to be the rarest and is highly valued. Though when you do more research you find that other gem experts say it’s the Black Opal that’s the rarest and most valuable. One of the rarest Opals is the Eternal Flame, which is 568 carats.

It is the biggest black crystal ever found, originating in New South Wales, Australia. It’s an opal that is full of fire and the opal glows like a flame 

Where Is Pink Opal Mined? 

Pink opals are exquisite and most of them are mined in Australia, which is known as Opal country. These are rare stones and pink opals are in demand. However, there are pink opals that are mined in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

There are gem experts that say if your Opal doesn’t come from Australia then you should actually check its validity of pink opal meaning

How Can You Tell If A Pink Opal Is Real? 

Fake opals can be hard to detect, but there are things you can do to make sure you’ve got a real pink opal meaning. The most common form of synthetic Opal is the Gilson synthetic which has been around since 1974.

Check the Opal’s symmetry because if the opal is natural, even with cutting it may not be entirely symmetrical. If it is a perfect oval or circle, you should have it inspected by a licensed jeweler.

Look for what is known as ‘snakeskin’ or ‘columnar’ structure. Turn your opal on its side and look for straight columns of color running vertically because this is indicative of a fake pink opal meaning. You also need to look at the pink opal in a good white light that isn’t fluorescent.

It is quite likely to be the real thing if it has lots of layers of color. You need to be educated about pink opal healing properties if you are looking to buy them. It pays to know what they look like. 

Pink Opal Benefits

Pink opals are powerful stones, highly sought after for healing emotions, calming, and soothing. Some of the pink opals are rare such as the Mexican pink opal which is a beautiful whitish pink color. 

Pink opal is beneficial in that it’s a powerful stone for healing subconsciously held pain. It also helps with healing matters of the heart that is pink opal meaning. Pink opal calms the heart and provides you with a sense of peaceful energy.

It is also good for children who are restless at night and have nightmares. Also, if you are getting over a broken heart, the pink opal will heal your heart and uplift your tattered emotions.

Pink opal meaning are that even they are good for weight and if your weight is a hurdle in your relationship, wearing a pink opal can control your hunger pangs and also boost your stamina when you work out.

Pink Opal Meaning

The pink opal also has physical energy properties, helping those with diabetes and hypoglycemia. The pink opal is good for the spleen, liver, heart, lungs, and connective tissue. 

Opal is an emotional stone and it is weirdly able to reflect the mood of the wearer. It encourages freedom and independence. While also stimulating originality and creativity. It is a stone that helps the confused person begin to express one’s true self instead of trying to emulate someone else and pink opal healing properties. 

Opal, in general, has wonderful healing properties and also encourages an interest in the arts. It also strengthens one’s will to live. Apart from the general healing properties of Opal, certain colors and types also have extra attributes.

Pink opal is known as a stone of gentleness and love with all kinds of relationships. It is very helpful in healing diabetes as well as other serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. 

Pink Opal Crystal Meaning

The pink opal is a gem known as a stone of spiritual awakening’. It is considered a stone of relaxation, providing the wearer with internal renewal about pink opal meaning

The pink opal is also representative of peace and tranquility and also hope and achievement. It’s a stone that means peace and it soothes those who are particularly stressed and worried about everything.

The stone helps worriers to forget their cares and burdens and improves the emotional mind that allows the person to see things with clarity and this is the pink opal meaning

Difference Between Pink Opal And Rose Quartz 

The beautiful pale Rose Quartz has lots of inclusions and the bigger the carat of the stone the more mystery it has. Where the pink opal only comes from Australia and Peru, most of the rose quartz comes from Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, India, Germany, and Brazil.

Egyptians believed that the stone could prevent a person from aging. Rose quartz dates very far back to ancient times and has a rich history in jewelry use. It can be translucent, displaying a milky appearance but is never fully transparent and this actually reduces the value of the gemstone. 

Just like with the pink opal, the rose quartz is also a stone with a calming and soothing effect on the person that wears it. Hold a piece of rose quartz and you can tide yourself over a time of emotional turmoil.

Get the idea of a stone having the power to heal and promote positive energy with crystal therapy like a fairy tale to some

It’s a stone that encourages love and forgiveness. It is very similar to the pink opal and also soothes and mellows the wearer. 

Just like with pink opal, rose quartz is popular in craft jewelry and is also often used in rough or cut form. Rose quartz isn’t particularly expensive but it can turn out to be quite expensive in jewelry. It can be used in any kind of jewelry – pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. 

Rose quartz, just like the pink opal, is known as the love stone. It is also seen as an aphrodisiac and is the ideal gift to present to the new love in your life. 

Rose quartz is a quartz variety and belongs to the group of oxides, with the formula SiO2. The pink color comes from a substitution of silica with phosphorus. 

Where Does Pink Opal Come From? 

Opals are varied in their appearance, and there are more than 3,000 sites around the world – New Zealand, Russia, Madagascar, Germany, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. About 95 percent of the stones are mined in Australia. 

pink opal meaning

What Does Pink Opal Symbolize? 

The pink opal symbolizes physical healing energy. It symbolizes goodwill and wellbeing. Pink opal is good for healing and is widely used to solve all kinds of medical issues and if you were born under the zodiac sign of Gemini or Aquarius then the stone’s properties are enhanced. 

It is a fantastic stone for healing both physically and emotionally. The pink opal also has protective energy that removes negative energies and purifies one’s surroundings.

It is believed that the pink opal is the most powerful stone of all healing stones and it is also naturally associated with the crown chakra. The stone opens the 7th chakra, the one in the crown, and is related to the spiritual. 

As already mentioned, the pink opal comes from the Andes of Peru. The stone has a hardness of 6 to 7. With the Incas and Aztecs of Perus, the stone has always had a special symbolic meaning and today it is still regarded as a protective, healing stone. 

Also, as previously mentioned, the stone works better with people from certain zodiac signs of which Aquarius is one, but it can be used by all other signs of the zodiac. 

Pink Opal Metaphysical Properties

 Pink opal is excellent for improving and healing conditions of the heart, spleen, and lungs as well as for stabilizing the glycemic levels. The stone is also appreciated for its energy properties, being sought after by those looking for guidance and spiritual peace. It also protects the person wearing it to enjoy a good night’s rest about pink opal healing properties. 

The pink opal has the power of relaxation and it is able to eliminate tension in communications, allowing one to come up with some amazing ideas. It is believed that the pink opal healing properties are the most powerful stone of all healing stones, providing vigor to the heart of the person who is weak in spirit. It helps them find a path to peace. 

Types Of Jewelry Pink Opals Are Set In

Opal jewelry can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. They are such beautiful gemstones and each one is distinctive and personal with a range of patterns and colors. These interesting stones have always been used by lots of jewelers for the collections and they are as fashionable as ever. 

There are so many opals available on the market and the opal’s color and size determine the kind of jewelry the stone is set in. Unlike a gemstone such as a piece of monetizing diamond jewelry, the main thing to watch out for is the quality of color and body tone. 

Pink opal meaning is all about color, brightness, and pattern. You will see many pieces of opal jewelry in land-based jewelry stores as well as online. If you’re looking for opal jewelry that keeps its value, look for something that flashes bright color. Opal is a fantastic piece of jewelry to wear and there are lots of different ways you can wear an opal.

Opals are set in rings, pendants, bangles, earrings, hair clips, or brooches. Choosing an opal in jewelry is a wonderful option for a gift but people need to be careful about how they look after their opal jewelry as it’s not the kind of jewelry you can wear permanently in dry and wet, hot and cold. 

You also get inlay opal rings which are very popular and with a host of colors and patterns. This inlaid pink opal is a small piece that is bonded to gold or silver and unfortunately more prone to damage.

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Then again, there are people who want to buy an opal as an engagement ring, and this means the opal is worn every day. You just have to check with your jeweler about the style of ring setting for instance and get their advice about wearing an op for long-term wear. There are also vintage opal rings for sale online which can also be worn for a long time – but with the right care and this is the pink opal meaning

When you buy an opal for the first time, you need to be able to put your trust in the seller and have them come as recommended. You want to make sure that the seller can provide you with a lot of information on the product you want and that they have a decent return policy. 

A good online seller will respond to you quickly and offer good customer service. Yes, these days most people know that it is fairly easy to launch a new website with fake products and fake information. You need to be 100% sure that you’re dealing with a reputable seller. There are many online stores and auction sites around and you want to be sure that you choose the right one. 

Pink opal is a popular stone in jewelry, and apart from its unique beauty, it offers a hardness that other opals don’t have. It is a delicate gem but can be set in gold or silver. 

Is Pink Opal Natural? 

Yes, it is a natural pink opal that has no play of color and as mentioned already, it’s a mixture of opal, palygorskite, and chalcedony and is known as the pink Andes opal. Natural opals haven’t been treated in any way other than by polishing and cutting. Natural opals are normally described as dark, light, dark, matrix, and boulder. 

Precious opals have 2 basic colors – their background color and their play of color. Each opal has its own unique color combinations and character traits. So yes, the Pink Opal is a natural, pink-colored gem that is part of the Common Opal variety. It’s slightly translucent to an opaque gemstone which is valued for its unique pink shade and worn as a healing gemstone. 

How To Cleanse Pink Opal 

It’s important to know how to take care of opals so you can enjoy them for many years to come. Taking care of opal is fairly easy but it can be beneficial to know how to care for the particular type of opal you have. 

For instance, doublets are made up of two layers – a thin piece of opal and a black backing. The piece of opal is cemented to the backing to enhance the color. You have to be careful about how you clean your opal because you don’t want to scratch or crack your opal. 

Different types of opals require different cleaning methods. If you don’t have layered opals and you have a solid opal then it will have different cleaning methods. An excellent way to clean your opal and any other jewelry for that matter is to make use of warm water. 

Never use hot or cold water as they can crack your opal. Add 2 or 3 drops of the gentle dish wash liquid and swirl your jewelry around in it. Use a very soft cloth to dry it off. Remember that a solid opal can be put up with washing in warm water. Doublets and triplets, on the other hand, consist of glued-together layers, and leaving them in water for too long or too often will cause the layers to lift. 

Cleansing And Charging Crystals


People clean their crystals when they want to ‘recharge’ them. There are some people who say they’ve found quartz crystals in their raw form right out of the ground, with the dirt still on them. They come from the Himalayan Mountains. You always have to be careful about immersing a stone in water for too long because crystals degrade over a long period of time in the water, however, it’s alright to immerse it in warm water for a short while to rinse it. 

There are softer crystals that are sensitive to hot water, and they can fracture. It’s always a good idea to use water from nature to clean your crystals – seawater or water from a lake or stream. Filtered water is also good. Rinse the crystal in water and then put it in a clear glass filled with water and place it on your windowsill facing the south to charge in the sun. 

The moon can also be used for charging. You need to actually make sure that your crystals are ready for a healing session by charging them first. The light from the sun or moon will penetrate your crystal, filling it with positive energy. You want your crystal to be exposed to light for about 24 hours just to make sure it receives adequate light. 

You can purify your crystal with salt which is also important because purifying crystals helps to remove negative energy that might have attached itself to the crystals. There are those who look at salt as a metaphysical purification tool. You can wash your crystals with salty water to purify the energy of your crystals. 

Peruvian Pink Opal 

The Peruvian opal is actually the national stone of Peru and not Green Opal heading properties and is found in the Andes Mountains. This particular stone lacks the color play or fire of a regular Opal. It is a sedimentary rock with its composition being basically composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon.

Peru Pink Opal is high in silica and this opal is almost a light to bright pink chalcedony. The pink opal from Peru is also found in western Australia. It is also known as the pink Andean Opal. These Peruvian pink opals are beautiful in different shades of pink and white. The pink opals are made by the bubbling water near the volcanic ash that dissolves silica and forms in protuberances. The opal has the power to relax and pacify. 

Pink Opal Properties

All opals are sensitive and must be treated with care. They contain quite a lot of water and if they are cracked they lose the water responsible for their opalescence. It was Shakespeare who spoke about these opals as the ‘Queen of Gems’.

The Romans always viewed the pink opal properties as a stone of hope and also love, and according to Australian legend, the stars are governed by a huge opal. Pink opals have lots of pink opal properties – soothing the body and mind and bringing tranquility to one’s aura. They are great for relieving stress and worry.

Precious opals are milky stones with beautiful colors inside. Common opals are opaque and they don’t display those mesmerizing plays of color and pink opal meaning.

All opals are sensitive and they must, therefore, be treated with tender loving care. They contain up to 30% water but if they crack this water is lost as well as their ability to reflect light and change color.

The pink opal properties stone has the good points of all gems and it’s why it is the queen of gems. The name ‘opal’ comes from words such as ‘pale’ and ‘opalus’ and these mean precious stones.

What Is Pink Opal Good For? 

The Romans always considered the opal stone of compassion, hope, and love. Pink opal is more gentle with its vibration and this is what promotes emotional wellbeing. Pink opal soothes the heart and one’s aura gives off a sense of peacefulness.

They are also very effective in treating those with bad memories from past events and those with nightmares from things that have been traumatic in their past. The stones are good for settling an irregular heartbeat as they are gentle stones.

The pink opal has lots of healing properties and it is known as the spiritual awakening stone as it removes negative energies. 

Are Pink Opals A Good Investment? 

Opals are found throughout the world, but gem-quality ones only come from certain areas. Australia’s famous mines produce more than 90% of the world’s fine opals of all colors. Financial advisers will tell you that a balanced portfolio is the best way to go and to have precious metals and gemstones. 

Gemstones are a long-term investment, not something where you make money overnight because of pink opal properties. When valuing gemstones, the rarity of the stone, carat, clarity, and cut are taken into account. When purchasing gemstones such as opals for investment, be careful not to be ripped off. 

Pink opal properties are a good investment but also because you’re investing in your health. The Peruvian pink opal properties are the best investment piece, remaining the highest in the gemstone trade. As already suggested, deep reddish-pink is highly sought after pink opal properties, and the cleaner and deeper the pink color, the higher the price of the pink opal properties.

Always read up as much as you can about opals so you know what you’re getting. There is plenty of information online to educate you about the pink opal meaning, where it comes from, and some of its healing properties. Before you think of investing in pink opal properties, and pink opal is more specifically a pink one, decide whether you’re wanting a doublet, a triplet, or a solid opal. 

Of course, the biggest advantage of buying a doublet or triplet is the lower price, and this is because they are much cheaper to produce. As we’ve said before, the disadvantage of buying this type of pink opal is that they can be damaged, especially when you immerse them in water. 

Solid opals are therefore considered a better buy as they’re totally the real opal deal and are looked upon as a long-term investment. 

Pink Opal Stone Price 

Pink opal price is evaluated by assessing its shape, color, origin, clarity, and carat weight. A natural deep pink colored opal is looked upon as best for healing and for jewelry and it commands a good price in the market. 

The Peruvian pink opal prices remain the highest in the gemstone trade with the one from Australia being the next most valuable variety and this gives the pink opal meaning. As previously mentioned, the deep reddish-pink is highly sought after and commands higher premiums than other shades. Also, the cleaner and deeper the pink opal meaning color, the higher the price of the pink opal meaning


Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been around since ancient times and even to this day, they are used for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing and pink opal meaning

The pink opal is used by people all over the world to bring about love, hope, and peace into their hearts and minds. By using the pink opal meaning you can actually take responsibility for your life and thoughts and wearing the pink opal meaning in its different forms you look trendy too and that helps you feel good about yourself.

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