Ready for a shiny new set of trending jewelry styles to incorporate into your wardrobe?

Prepare to get excited. This year there are tons of exciting new jewelry trends styled on the runaways that are set to be huge.

Whether you’re one to experiment with bright and bold looks or you like to keep it classic with delicate pieces of jewelry, there are plenty of on-trend looks you can shop right now.

Get ready to switch up your accessory game.

1. Oversized Chains

This year, chains are bigger than ever. One of the current necklace trends, chain necklaces are dominating the spring runaways. While there are lots of different styles, size is key. The bigger the better!

Brandon Maxwell displayed huge sparkling options complete with matching chain earrings down the runway, while Zimmermann mixed and matched oversized chain necklaces with beads.

Not sure how to wear the oversized chain? We suggest contrasting the size with a necklace that’s more delicate, such as a single diamond pendant.

2. Pearls

Pearls are a classic and it looks like they’re not going anywhere for now. Pearls are still going strong in Spring 2020, with the timeless material crafted in just about any form.

Find pearls making appearances in everything from single drop earrings to layered necklaces to dramatic headpieces.

While pearls have been around since forever, today they’re reinvented into new styles. They’re found in mismatched earrings at Jason Wu, to knotted necklaces at Miu Miu. Anything that’s a bit quirky and different.

Of course, the classic pearl earrings or necklace will never go out of fashion. So, if you’re after a more subtle look, opt for a piece more classic.

For something in between, why not choose a pearl choker? It can be teamed with other necklaces to boost your layering game.

3. Supersized Hoops

Likewise, hoop earrings have been popular since day one. But this year, we see them multiply dramatically in size. Proenza introduced a series of power hoops down the runway in various styles, while Oscar de la Renta experimented with large hoops crafted with different materials.

For something funkier, add a supersized pair of hoops in optic white or tortoise and wear them on your next big night out.

For a slightly subtler look, an oversized hoop that’s thin and delicate creates a statement without screaming ‘look at me’.

Or, opt for statement earrings and go for huge door-knocker styles from Balenciaga, or double hoops from Proenza Schouler. These showy earrings are all about standing out rather than blending in.

The best part about massive hoops is that they can look chic paired with everything. Wear them with a slick suit or go for a girlie look with a well-fitting LBD.

4. Statement Chokers

Chokers hit the limelight a couple of years back, and now they’re back with a vengeance. However, in 2020, it’s all about the statement choker rather than the 90s-style velvet style.

Across the spring and fall 2020 runway shows, statement chokers were featured around model’s necklaces. Designers like Gucci displayed two of the accessories while Moschino included one statement choker teamed with a set of layered necklaces. Others like Monse and The Brands welcomed buckle options.

In fall 2020, pair loud and extravagant chokers with your cozy V-neck sweaters and pretty cardigans.

5. Shoe Jewelry

Wouldn’t you know, jewelry isn’t just for your wrists, ears, or neck anymore.

In 2020, we welcome shoe jewelry. Designers like Oscar de la Renta and Zimmermann are creating footwear with stylish chains and other interesting embellishments. And last year, Bottega Veneta introduced the popular chain-adorned mesh pumps.

If you want to experiment with the shoe jewelry trend without splurging on designer footwear, simply do the style yourself by hooking a long chain around your ankles, snaking it through the strap of your sandals or shoes.

6. Shell Earrings

Current jewelry trends also include beachy shell earrings. But these aren’t just any old shells picked up from the shoreline.

This year, fashion houses like Prada and Oscar de la Renta sent models down the catwalk wearing pretty shells dangling from their ears. And while this earring trend was once seen as one to wear on the beach only, it’s refined and sophisticated enough to be worn anywhere from a casual day shopping or an elegant evening out.

For example, big, glamorous, and polished shell earrings work great as statement earrings worn on a special evening out.

7. Gold Earrings

Gold rings are a classic and thankfully they’re still in for 2020. Wear them individually, or experiment and stack them up. There are many styles and trends to choose from so go wild and decorate your fingers to suit your tastes. For religious choices, the Catholic store has a wide range of items.

For a huge selection, choose from this collection of wholesale gold rings.

8. Colorful Jewelry

You don’t have to stick to gold jewelry though. This year, we welcome an explosion of color in jewelry.

Embrace your inner child and have fun playing with bright floral pieces, vibrant gemstones, and mismatched colors. The look is all about having fun with jewelry shades.

Also, don’t be scared to mix up your stones and metals. The more you mix and match, the easier it is to pair your wardrobe with your jewelry, as there are plenty of shades to coordinate with.

9. Zodiac Jewelry

Another great way to shine some sparks on your quirky and unique personality traits is zodiac jewelry (for instance by 

The 12 different zodiac signs are based in Astrology and can give us a glimpse into the unique, yet empowering characteristics of a person. For instance Aries or Leos are usually quite passionate, inspirational and temperamental whereas a Pisces is more emotional, yet very loving and empathetic.

Zodiac necklaces, pendants or chokers are understated yet absolutely stunning and can be paired with dresses or casual outfits.

Whether you have a large selection of jewelry or you’re hoping to build a collection, these trending jewelry pieces will add some flair and creativity to your look.

When choosing your jewelry, keep your wardrobe and personal tastes in mind so you’ll select pieces that you’ll love and will want to wear again and again.

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