While there is a wide variety of security guard equipment available, and security guards will need specific equipment depending on their function, there are pieces of equipment that most security personnel will need to have in their possession.

Whether you’re running an independent security corps, a larger organization, or simply are a security guard who wants to be better prepared, it’s essential to know what this equipment is.

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Here Are Some Security Guard Equipment

Security Baton

A Body Armor Vest

Guards who are in charge of protecting VIPs, valuable property, or working with money will usually need some sort of body armor vest.

However, the vest will need to be picked based on the people or property they’re working with. The setting will also make a difference.

For instance, someone who has to be in plain clothes or formal wear will need something that is concealable while still offering proper protection.

Those involved with the movement of valuables will not have to consider this and can go for optimal strength. Flexibility and weight are also things that will have to be taken into consideration when choosing vests.

A Security Baton

A security baton is not only a striking tool but acts as a deterrent. When a security guard has a baton, people will automatically be less inclined to commit theft and will be more compliant.

However, know that you can’t just issue batons to your guards. In most states, they will be required to undergo training first.



A good trusty flashlight is another piece of equipment most security agents need. Even if you’re working in broad daylight, you never know when you might need a flashlight to be able to see things better or have to go in a dark area. Then there’s the possibility of using it as a striking device as a last resort.

Good Boots

Good security guard boots can make a world of difference. For one, most guards either have to stay in position during their whole shift or run patrols. Good boots will allow them to stay comfortable and will help with posture as well.

In most cases, black boots will be required. However, some companies will allow for different colors. So, if you’re an employee and are in the market for boots, make sure that they’re compliant with your company first.

Security Guard Belt

Unless you’re working covertly, the vast majority of security jobs will require a security guard belt. These will be used to hold your equipment, like a baton, pepper spray, flashlight, etc.

They’ll usually also have a compartment for latex gloves, in case you have to perform an expulsion or provide care. Many will also have a pocket for a notepad to write reports.

Here Are Some Security Guard Equipment

Equipment may vary from job to job, but in most cases, security officers will be required to have one or all of these pieces of equipment.

So, make sure that you or your employees always have access to the best equipment, and are properly trained to use it.

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