Take some time to think about March 2020! It was a time when businesses were shutting down operations, and new health rules were getting developed. The world with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak was all about contaminations, lockdowns, and uncertainty. Today, as most people are getting used to the new healthy way of life, they also need to opt-in for urgent healthcare treatments. In addition to the essential services, even the physiotherapists attended their respective clinics by turns to treat their patients. However, today patients and people wonder if it’s a safe choice to resume or start a physiotherapy session.

Is it safe?

The leading physiotherapists and clinics have implemented the social distancing guidelines and cleaning processes. The physiotherapists wear masks, practice the proper sanitization protocols, and get daily temperature checks. Every clinic has medical covers that doctors and staff make use of. There are screening questions that assess the current travel patterns and decide if a physiotherapist or a patient can be vulnerable to the contamination.

The threat of the COVID-19 community transmission has put an end to most social activities. That means people are not stepping outside their home if there is no emergency need. And that has put an end to the daily body movements. Hence, the patients who were already prone to pains and aches might witness recurring back pains and neck aches. Therefore, it is necessary to get in touch with an expert physiotherapist and resume their sessions at home or in the clinic. To know more about it, you can check out Physiotherapy Guelph.

How does physiotherapy help patients during the pandemic contamination?

Every person has his or her response to pain and body aches. Doctors and therapists believe that stress and anxiety can increase pain symptoms, as well. Also, arthritis patients need to carry on with daily body movements. Doctors have suggested brisk walking for 30 minutes amidst the lockdown and pandemic phase. But considering the rapid contamination rates, people are thinking twice before taking their evening and morning walks. And that can bring back acute knee, joint, and calf muscle pain. When you opt-in for a physiotherapy session, the therapist can apply muscle manipulation and massage techniques that can help to reduce the pain to a great extent.

That is not all! People who suffer from back pain now have to work from home for prolonged hours! And that can lead to a stiff neck and lower back issues. Taking leave from work is not a solution. When they get in touch with an expert physiotherapist, they can practice specific exercises at home to lessen the pain. Additionally, they can also practice a few neck and back stretches between work to relax the back and neck muscles and ligaments.

Opting in for these muscles relaxing movement without consulting a physiotherapist might prolong the pain and discomfort. Hence, it’s better to take a physiotherapist appointment and seek proper suggestions and treatment. It will help you to stay agile and active during the pandemic phase.

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